KCFA Southern Georgia Missionary Chapter. Chairperson Rev Wambûi Njoroge. Secretary, Sister Virginia Kirima. We Celebrated Black History Month with/The 6th Annual African Service Followed by. “A Touch of International Taste

We come together to Worship as believers and our fellowship makes us one.

We enjoy koinonia as we taste dishes prepared on each others kitchens.

Some may never visit each others homes but, we have already been there because of the love each brings to the fellowship. Our mission is to make Jesus Christ known and to demonstrate that love by worshiping together. 

We come from diverse backgrounds to worship as one. In case you are not aware of it, the most segregated time in the United States is “Prayer and Worship Time.”

As a Diaspora Community, we have not escaped for ours is known by a different name called Tribalism.

Sometimes it has been because of necessity or the fact of a numerical majority. One good thing that has come out of our worship is that we have erased that old mentality that brethren backside when they “go abroad.”

Diaspora Churches and fellowships are nurturing our spiritual well being and there is no excuse not to grow in your faith.

Finally,  we especially appreciate our Brethren who traveled from around GA to celebrate with us-Albany, Acworth, Kennesaw, Fitzgerald, McDonough, Warner Robins, Locust Grove, Tifton,  & Valdosta.

Also our friends from neighboring Tallahassee, Florida. Our Sisters from greater Atlanta Areas really encouraged us.

You truly do Walk In Love, in words and in deeds. 

When all is said and done, those who remained till the very end danced to, “Am Gonna Ride That our Train.” A.K.A. Mugithi Wa Mwathani with alot of joy never felt before.

By Reverend Wambui.

Going Traditional with a horn:

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  1. On behalf of KCFA Southern. GA Missionary Chapter, Members with our Secretary, I wish to record our appreciation to Kenyan Parents in USA for making God famous by publishing what our fellowship does, and how God has blessed us in Diaspora. Ephesians 5:1-2 Let us continue to "Walk In Love" during our prayer and worship time. We are making a difference.KPIUSA keep up the good work,

  2. Keep up my dear cousin Wambui wa Tata Jane. Your labour isn’t in vain continue pointing souls to Christ. There is a reward


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