REV 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”


It is with great sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the promotion to glory of Betty Oyango, on Sunday March 3rd following a road accident in Houston, Texas, USA.

Daughter of the late Philip Oyango and Lillian Giciru Oyango of Kinoo. Loving sister of Victor Oyango, Olive Oyango and the late Alice Oyango. Half-sister of Rynah Kadasia, Denis Oyango and Christine Oyango. Sister-in-law of Senator Abshiro Halake. Beloved aunt of Sasha, Adil and Aliah Oyango; Cassie Warukira, Kadryn Kadasia and many others.

Family and friends are meeting for prayers daily at 3.00pm at Riverside Drive, opposite gate 85.

Arrangements for a memorial service are underway and will be communicated at a later date.

May God rest our beloved Betty’s soul in eternal peace.


It is with Heavy hearts that we share some sad news about our darling Betty Oyango, sister to Olive Oyango. Betty was a resident of Houston for a over 20 years. She passed away on Sunday. We are heartbroken, but taking great comfort in the thoughts and messages of love and prayers we have received. We know she was loved and will be missed by many. 

In accordance with her wishes, Betty will be cremated and a celebration of her life will be held at the following location this *Saturday, March 9:*

Simba Grille
2941 Westhollow Dr. Ste B. 
Houston, TX 77082 
5pm – 9pm

The family is very grateful for the donations that have come through but there are still a lot of outstanding financial obligations that need to be taken care of ASAP. We have a budget of $20K.

*For those that haven’t had a chance to contribute, kindly dig into your pockets and assist the family.*

For assistance please Cashapp Mbuggus directly using the info below:
$RWcashme or 210.789.2344
Cashapp Olive Oyango directly using the info below:
$OliveOyango or 832-216-8152
Bank information use
(Note its *Oyango*)


Suicide happens every day, and when it does, a family’s life is changed forever and worse still those left behind. In most of the cases it is something that could have been avoided if the victim was given attention or sought help by sharing what he or she was going through. It could just be through Facebook or Whatsapp charting.

All the same it is becoming so common in the Diaspora and something must be done to make it less occurring or not even there at all.

We are in a country where if one is determined to succeed and is healthy, can easily do it but we find out that people get affected after losing a job while forgetting that there are many other jobs to switch to. …..Losing a partner and there are many others one can chose and continue living. …. Loosing a property and there are many other properties elsewhere. etc for in any situation there is an alternative.

Something needs to be done to create awareness to that startling fact for suicide is a much bigger problem than we can admit.

The causes, methods, and prevention need to be discussed more openly.

Committing suicide probably sounds like a foreign idea to most people, but to the people who finally do it, it just don’t happen suddenly,… they live with it, and cope and deal with it every day but with time they are impotent to overcome the stressful thoughts as they multiply.

The BIG QUESTION IS what leads people to kill themselves and can it be avoided.

Many don’t realize that suicide is a disease like cancer that requires treatment through programs or even drugs and when it is treated in good time, it will cut and eventually control the brain faculty that dispense the suicidal thoughts.

When people join church groups and other social gatherings, they somehow get the required help as the mind gets occupied and minimize the chances of thinking negatives.

Negative thoughts will invade idle minds for that is the moment you give room to unwanted thoughts to start dwelling in you and with time it becomes a bother. Instead of seeking help you start convincing yourself that you can solve the crises alone BUT  it can overcome you.

Most people that choose to stay away from community develops weird thoughts with time but the same are avoidable, if only they can be with friends during their free time or even people they don’t know. It could be a simple hello and a small discussion with a stranger that can effectively change your mood.

It could also be stopped by just strolling in the park and while doing so, observe other people with bigger problems than you have…no shelter, some without limbs, others that cannot see, others will not hear, etc…The moment you see the suffering of others, it is the moment you start realizing how lucky you are and may develop thoughts of liking yourself and shunning away any negative thoughts.

The majority in Diaspora that have so far committed suicide are those with all the papers needed to stay in this country but somehow they get frustrated due to thinking of their past. The past can haunt many and with time start developing negative thoughts which could have been avoided if one can avoid thinking about his/her past and focus on the future for in the first place you cannot go back to same life.

Other category are the ones without papers and after not getting good jobs get frustrated and bars become their refuge trying to get happiness they will never find. This category mix with those that have succeeded and with time negative thoughts can occupy their mind leading to suicide. Too much drinking is also a slow suicidal process for it will with time eventually lead to death after your lungs get affected.

Marital problem have also been a factor to suicide cases but it is also something that can be avoided if couples can engage services of professional counselors and in some instances arbitrators where sharing of properties arises.

The good thing to do when after seeking counselor services and the same is not working is to simply MOVE ON.

Moving on can be tricky also for it has to be a different environment all together.

Do not move on and rent a house next to your former spouse but chose a different state or if possible a different continent and cut communication if need be.

It will help you forget your past for if you are living next to each other you will from time to time meet and the same will affect your thoughts.

Those who commit suicide are the losers for the people you leave behind will not praise your action but rather condemn it.


An individual displaying warning signs of suicide would also be considered at risk.

It can easily be detected by behavior changes in people that are closer to you and all of a sudden want to get away from you and even from the community. They will choose a life of staying indoors most of the time and with time can result to taking drugs or alcohol abuse.

As earlier said it is a disease and you may not be aware that your drinking habits can be a disease eventually as you get hooked with time and become just like any other sick person who survive through medication. The beer becomes your medication and if you miss a day you get sick to an extent of trembling and even having suicidal tendencies.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health problems include substance abuse and addiction, serious psychological distress and mental disorders, and suicidal behaviors.

Substance abuse activates the promotion of emotional health that eventually lead to mental health issues due to substance use disorders that will need a recovery support program.

The individual is the only one who can cure himself as reading and attending meetings when one do not have the will to overcome his or her weaknesses will just be a waste of time.

Prayers and believing in spiritual miracles(not Oduor’s) help many who are in depression for the same become a therapy healing with time. A medicine that one cannot do without, and that explain why you see people in church become emotional during prayer session for their mind get absorbed in prayers and negative thoughts get no room to occupy the mind.


It is not only those in financial problems issues that commit suicide but it’s a variety of cases like love, marital problems, drug abuse, fear of losing jobs, fear of being seeing as a loser after company failure, and many other issues….. but all can be termed as weakness for in most cases one can overcome anything no matter how stressful.


Monday, March 4th, 2019 1:28P

A Kenyan woman intentionally stepped out into traffic on I-45 and was hit and killed on Sunday night. 


The accident happened on I-45 before Paramatta and the incident forced authorities to  shut down the highway for almost five hours. 

Deputies say the woman parked her SUV on the side of the freeway, turned on the hazards and stepped out into the road. 

“We did find some notes indicating she wanted to harm herself, suicide notes basically, apologizing to family members, saying she was sorry,” said a deputy on the scene. 

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted this morning: “We must talk about suicide” to better understand and prevent it. 

“It’s just something we need to pay attention to,” Gonzalez told Eyewitness News. “We had approximately five suicides over the weekend. I received a call about another one this morning. It happens quite frequently in our county. Over 500 happened last year. That’s over 1.5 per day. We see them as young as 9, 10, 11 years old.” 

In 2018 this time last year, 92 people committed suicide in Harris County. So far this year, 78 people have taken their own lives in Harris County. 

The driver who hit and killed the woman, stopped and spoke with investigators. Her grandparents told Eyewitness News she was shaken up but not hurt. 

The sheriff’s office has notified the woman’s family. 

 see also suicide let us talk about it http:Kenyanparentsinusa.com

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