The most educated and rich people in Diaspora are being taken as fools by so many called investors with some just right here.  When one must invest in Kenya, which I hope to do some day, why not save money or invest it in USA? After all it is guaranteed by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance

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The most educated and rich people in Diaspora are being taken as fools by so many called investors with some just right here. 

When one must invest in Kenya, which I hope to do some day, why not save money or invest it in USA? After all it is guaranteed by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). Think about a stable government, and an approximation of modern democracy. Think about the way Diaspora has been chatting about corruption at home. 

Then plan to take 2-3 months to do your own due diligence in Kenya. Negotiate with owner, buy the property and get a clean Title. Settle things well and return to the USA.

If one is not able to travel, there is no hurry, as Kenya is not heaven and American, vice, versa as both countries were created the same day by the same word. 

There are emerging business markets in Kenya and Africa in general and therefore,  it is quite safe to say that “The World is Ready to do business” with Africa. 

The way things stand now it seems to me like Diaspora have less trustworthy representatives at home and abroad. Let us, therefore, educate ourselves and learn from the past. Watch out as Summer is around the corner.

There will be many forums, especially in Major cities like Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas on Investments in Kenya.

Do your research before buying into stuff that might not be worth even the paper they are written on. Am saying we cannot afford to be lied to again and again. Once bitten, twice shy and if we are lied to once shame on the developers.

May the long arm of the law locate them but if Diaspora is Lied to for the second time, shame will be on Diaspora for failure to educate and inform ourselves.

 If anyone has been swindled, my heart feels for Diaspora because we work so hard to earn $1. Only Diaspora knows how to hold 2 or 3 jobs in unrelated fields…not just to survive but also to leave an inheritance for our families.

Proverbs 13:22 “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…”

Am not against investment, but, there needs to be, a sure guarantee. Don’t feel guilty for, not investing in Kenya. I live with a simple rule and practice “When in doubt, don’t do it.”
Patience has perfect works and Kenya is not moving anywhere, unless it becomes an Island as geologists and seismologists have predicted.

In which case, it will become a beautiful Island and the value of property will definitely increase. If there is not one trustworthy developer or family, then wait until you can physically go home.

That advice was given by some friends who lived in diaspora, Southern California and who used to make trips home to work on a project, and they would be there for 2 or 3 months.

So I wanted to know their secret since I visited Kenya in 2002 and noticed how well they were doing. …They worked step by step like the missionaries did, they carried their money themselves. While in Kenya, they hired and supervised their projects. They Invested in Kenya and bought land and built on it.

Like Jacob in the Bible…that’s a good model to follow. See In Genesis 28:6. Jacob immigrated to Padan Aram because of a family conflict. He was afraid of his brother who wanted to kill him. He prayed to God to help him to return home someday but he had a longing to return home like someone reading this.

Jacob planned and he prepared well. He worked as an immigrant living with his Uncle for 14 years. He saved and he accumulated wealth and then, when it was time to return home, he had enough wealth for himself, his family and also more to appease his brother.

 Please just incase you are planning to return home:
1. Decide how long you plan to live here.
2. Married people agree to return together with your family…we have families destroyed when one person, especially men want to return home…But when like the individual freedoms America is built on.

4. If you have children born and raised here don’t force them to return and don’t over-invest in Kenya for the same could only create further problems to them. 
5. Reservedly, I cannot imagine calling a fundraiser to help friends settle in Kenya unless they are being deported or due to sickness.

 Are we forgetting we helped friends and families raise ticket money “Going to America?” Settling in America…When one plans to return to Kenya without a good plan utakumbuka Diaspora na machozi.

Kenya is as far as the East is removed from the West. Otherwise do call us for a farewell party because you just love us to come and celebrate what the LORD has done.

*What next*? Can we build a bridge between Africa and America so that we can help build Africa with real resources? Become modern day missionaries to Africa? 

Otherwise, ask yourself what kind of immigrant are you?
1. Are you like Abraham? He immigrated from his home because of a divine call. He made zero plans to return home. He settled and God gave him the land for a possession including where he had bought a grave for his wife Sarah-current day Hebron.

2. Are you like Isaac? He Immigrated to Gerar-(Genesis, 26:1) because of a famine in his home. He longed for his home and wanted even his bones to be buried in his ancestral home.

3. Are you like Queen Esther was a descendant of immigrants in Persia. Read Esther 2. She too settled…may be like daughters and son who are getting married here. This has become their home.

There are many other immigrants in the Bible like Moses seeking refugee status. Ruth due to death of husband and sons…sometimes one has to leave grief behind. Nehemiah was a War Refugee…and the list goes on. 

You have to hear me preach next time. If your call is economic, political, family conflict or feuds, when conditions improve, you are likely to return. Go ahead and start planning but,.. watch out because also staying here too long can have devastating effects.

American materialism is like drug addiction…after 30 years of living in USA, very few people want to pack their belongings and leave, no matter what type of investments or zero investments they have made.

It’s no wonder more than 85% of people who are here in USA from home will not return to live in Kenya in their lifetime. If your call, is divine, you will not return. You are quite comfortable right where you are. Perhaps most of our children born here have no plans to return to Kenya either. 
They are at peace in America and that is their right and you cannot change them no matter what. You may promise them good home in Kenya, but they will not buy your idea.

That home may as well be yours and after you are no more it will even change hands with relatives far by relation from yourself as the kids you left in America have no time fighting for a property so far away.

Friends investing in Kenya or doing business with Africa is a great and timely idea but one needs to decide how many years will be spent in America in order to do that.

Those are the ones that have made up their mind to settle in Africa  if all things remain constant and have a plan to succeed. Is it 10 years, 15 years or 25 years? Then start by saving money and build wealth. When one is ready, weka mali yako and ship home – safirisha mizigo.

Return in style and remember medical insurance, and Social security.

 You will enjoy a less stress free life in Kenya so they tell me and I hope is the case.

Am glad I was born a Kenyan woman for such a time like this. Kenya is home to me.

REV Wambui Njoroge

Senior editorial adviser

Kenyan Parents in USA

If you have ears you heard so don’t blame anyone if you are conned.

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