Diaspora USA Lady Campaigning For Azimio Along Side Martha Karua Is Not a New Comer In Politics.


By Arch Dr. D.K Gitau- For Diaspora Times

Accompanied Incoming Deputy President Martha Karua for Senior Counsel Dinner in her honor at Serena Hotel today

During the reign of Kenya’s notorious Dictator Moi, four young lawyers, namely Martha Karua, Martha Koome, (current supreme court judge) Beatrice Nduta, and Ann Kariuki (currently in Diaspora), were at the center of the clamor for multiparty democracy to force President Moi to repeal section 2A.

The four, among others, vigorously fought for the famous so-dubbed second liberation in Kenya. Many were tortured at the infamous Nyayo House, some died, while others were quickly rounded up, hurriedly tried, and ended up in detention and maximum jails.

The four mentioned lawyers, however, were lucky and lived to see the day Moi repealed section 2A to allow multiparty democracy to thrive in Kenya.

Ann Kariuki, who resides in America, was so active back in the days advocating for democratic rights. She worked with the likes of the late Ooko Ombaka and the late Green Belt movement leader-Wangari Maathai, among many others.

Patriotic Ann Kariuki a lawyer by profession, has temporarily relocated to Kenya to assist in the campaigns alongside the friend, (Martha Karua) they had teamed up with during the scary days of Dictator Moi.

When Raila recently visited the USA, Ann Kariuki was among the speakers at the well-attended event. In her moving speech, she took Raila down memory lane to remind him of the struggle that led to the freedom Kenyans are now enjoying.

The campaigns may be, to Ann, reminiscent of the days when all were determined to put in place a person who could steer Kenya to great heights of Prosperity.

That moment is now, and we hope that the person who started the second liberation- will win the forthcoming elections in Kenya to bring about meaningful democracy and do away with hogwash democracy while at the same time- eradicating poverty, ignorance, and diseases.

Kenya is now at that defining moment to change for better or worse, but if all can vote wisely, real meaningful freedom will be realized in Kenya, and corruption that is eating the very fabric of our society will be a thing of the past. Kenyans now have hope because Martha Karua and Raila Amolo Odinga, mean good for the country, unlike others trying to introduce new unworkable bottoms-up experimental approaches.

Keep up, Ann; it’s a worthwhile break to ensure a win for Azimio la Umoja to benefit our brothers and sisters both in Kenya and those in the Diaspora.



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