Alice Munyua was born in Nyeri District, Othaya location and Chinga Sub-location.  After primary school, she went on to Chinga girls high school and later to form 5 and 6 at Ngiriambu girls in Kirinyaga district. After High school, Alice worked for two years with the Kenya government Examination Council and then came to the US in her early twenties.

Her favorite subjects were both English & Biology and she hated math with a passion. She loved writing and reading short stories. Alice knew at an early that at some point in life, she would write a book. However, she had no clue what she would be writing about.

After High school she had this fleeting thought of coming to America for further studies. Not that she could not go to college in Kenya but one of her colleague at the examinations council was coming to the America and she felt the need to follow suit.

She came to the US for further education but at first, she was not quite sure what she wanted to do in her life. She tried getting in the marketing and accounting programs but she didn’t like it and calculus was a big problem. It didn’t make any sense to her. Then she went into social worker programs and again it didn’t feel quite right. One day she got a job as a nursing assistant. Her first day there, she almost walked out of her job in the middle of the shift, but she could not do it. For the simple reason that she didn’t have another job and she needed money. So, she stayed.

After working in that field for a little while, she began to like it. So, she went on to nursing school and doors of opportunities began to open for her. She got scholarships, strangers offered to buy her text books and her nursing uniforms. She got encouragements from her professors in college. And she graduated as a Registered nurse in May of 1992. Once a Registered Nurse, she thought it wise to invest some time and effort in nursing leadership by pursuing her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). She got her BSN and more doors opened for her in the nursing arena. She got another scholarship to pursue a Masters level of Nursing and so she decided to pursue the Family Nurse Practitioner program, so she can see patients from cradle to grave so to speak. She could now take care of the medical needs of young infants to older adults, all through the lifespans of growing up and aging.

When she graduated in the year 2000, she was working in the mental health field at the time which she loved very much. She continued to work there for the next several years, gaining more insight into issues of mental illness. Today, she is able to use everything she has learned through the years, combining the mental and the physical health experiences plus her love of writing. She writes books and educates people on issues of health and wellness.  Alice has found a niche for herself. This is an area that is ignored a lot in health care. There is no research done on illness prevention but there is a lot done in testing and treatments once people are already sick. The health care industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It mostly capitalizes on symptom management and chronic disease management.

Take for instance the issue of cancer prevention. We push people to getting early screening as cancer prevention. A lot is said and done on all fronts about cancer screening. While it’s true that screening and testing will help in catching cancerous cells early, it does not PREVENT cancer from occurring.

The other thing that most people focus on a lot in disease prevention is food and what they eat. But in fact, food and drink is not the only thing that makes people sick. There is a lot more that makes human beings sick. Alice likes to talk about that which the medical world does not talk about.

Total Health Global:

We live in a time where people have access to a trove of information right at their fingertips. While that has improved life in a lot of ways, it can also be a dangerous tool when we attempt to self-diagnose our ailments. The human body remains a mystery to many and trying to discern our health can be a true nightmare. Luckily, there is a magnificent company working hard to inform the world on what true health and wellness is. That company is Total Health Global!

Total Health Global is a one-woman educational company that teaches people about general health and mental illness. Founded in April of 2016 by Alice Munyua, Total Health Global offers educational seminars and health books on clean and healthy eating. Alice also offers a holistic approach to physical illness and aims to demystify the many myths that surround mental illness in the world. Through this approach, Total Health Global hopes to change the healthcare industry and have doctors and the healthcare industry place a larger focus on the human as an individual and less on the disease and symptom management.

Total Health Global was founded through Alice Munyua’s understanding of the human body and how it works. She found that many people do not understand the basic make-up of the human body and how it works. Human beings are spiritual beings for and foremost. The mind and body are intrinsically connected. If more people were aware of this simple fact, then getting and staying healthy would be an easier feat. Alice was also inspired to start teaching health and wellness after getting healthy herself. By simply tweaking her diet and making small changes in her lifestyle, she to lose fifty pounds in five and a half months and has managed to maintain the weight loss for six years to date. While she was over the moon to see such results, what was more amazing was the little effort it took to do it. This really impacted her lifestyle, by simply mimicking what her grandma did. This revelation encouraged her to want to let the world know how easy it is to get healthy and how beneficial it can be. She was so inspired that she wrote her first book on achieving a healthy lifestyle, “Do Like Grandma Did. A Guide to Clean Healthy Eating.”

Of course, we live in a world that is saturated with fad diets and programs that claim to help us shed those pounds and live healthier. With so many options, it can be difficult to truly find a program that helps. Luckily, Total Health Global is set apart from these other companies because Alice has a unique understanding of the connection between mind and body and how that relates to health and wellness. Many healthcare providers, doctors, and the public are still not aware of this connection and its importance in living a healthy life. In fact, even the textbooks in our schools and libraries still define the brain and the mind interchangeably. However, the mind and the brain are two completely different things. Total Health Global hopes to make people aware of the distinction between the two, so we can begin to pinpoint the causes of diseases and mental illness and find a cure.

Total Health Global has big plans in store. In fact, the name of the company itself lets the world know that Alice plans to educate people all over the world about the connection between the mind and body and the role it plays in healthy living. This is being done through community activities and events. Alice loves getting to meet people in community organizations, family gatherings, professional meetings, and in churches. Through these events, she can talk about health and wellness and begin changing people’s ideas about health.

So, if you would love to learn more about Total Health Global and Alice’s initiative to change the health of the world or if you would simply like to learn more about health and wellness, then do not hesitate to reach out and plan a meeting. After all, you shouldn’t wait until you are sick to seek out information on health and wellness. You can also pick up her books on Amazon.com

“Total health is a balance between spirit, mind, and body”

and Alice is willing to go where no nurse has gone before.

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  1. Indeed. Thank you, for forging through the barriers to get the general population to wake up, sister Alice. It take just one person with sheer will power to keep knocking on the doors, even when some of them may have a double lock. Congratulations Nurse Alice!!.


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