ID and passports registration exercise in Marietta organized by Kenyan Parents in in USA

Kenyan Government sudden focus on HUDUMA NUMBER is a way of slowly brainwashing people so that they can ignore and temporary forget the very basic needs that ought to be addressed urgently.

The Kenyan government is constantly spending millions of shillings to sponsor useless Governors seminars, HUDUMA talks and investment meetings and yet they cannot decentralize and bring without delay e-passports equipment to the Embassy.

All high powered investments meeting held all over United States do not address the very basic issues affecting thousands of people in the Diaspora.

Many Kenyans who are not American citizens, do not have travel documents due to long delays in processing the same after expiration.

Passports renewals are taking four to ten months to be processed not only in America but in most Diaspora Embassies across the world.

The same Embassies used to issue ID and passports direct from all consular centers but it’s not the case today as all have to be sent to Nairobi for processing and thus leading to long delays.

We all welcomed the Government initiative for the direct KQ flight and hoped that the same would even bring the e-passports equipment but all we see everyday, are senior Government officials coming to NY or DC for meetings only.

The Government should be pressured to act and implement without delay e-passoprt Diaspora centers as regular passports are about to expire and many Kenyans will not be in a position to travel.

We have also being made aware that passports will only be issued from two consular centers that is L.A. and D.C.

If that is the case to get a passport, it will cost each Kenyan a minimum of $850 (travel, accommodation and time wasted) to obtain the same without including the cost of the passport which is $120 and hence in total (Ksh. 97,000)

Total amount incurred by people in America alone applying e-passports will be in excess of Ksh, 87 billion assuming 100,000 living in USA. ( Number can be even higher)

Just think of the amount involved and you will conclude that Diaspora in USA alone can buy off a whole airline like Kenya airways and be left with enough money to put up a fully fledged hospital like Kenyatta National Hospital.

The Kenyan Ambassador has been trying to partner with Kenyan Parents in USA organization to reduce that cost but a few disgruntled elements disrupted the initiative and instead tarnished his name and eventually making the same to be discontinued.

(Kenya Parents in USA organized a successful ID and passport event in Marietta GA on July 21 and 22, 2018 where over 250 people were processed)

We are told that the equipments will arrive by May but if the same e-passports are not issued on the spot in DC, it will take a long time to process and hence many families will not be in a position to travel for holidays.

We must also not forget the fact that all regular passports will expire next year in September and therefore you can imagine over 100,000 Kenyans in USA desperately making trips to DC or LA. to be processed and worse still not even able to go home with it.

We in the Diaspora need to pressure the Government to make it possible to obtain the documents in centers to be located in all State capital.

The initiative by Kenyan Parents in USA organization can also continue in order to reduce the cost or else the Government should establish convenient issuing centers in the capitals of each State.

If obtaining Kenyans documents will be complicated, we will lose the Kenyan connection as those who have already or will continue to become American Citizens will not bother to get dual citizenship but would rather use the American passport to enter Kenya by paying entry visa of $50.

We need actions or what have you?

We fail because we do not try!



Kenyan Parents in USA.

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