Disconnect To Reconnect


By Nelson Mwangi

Welcome to the 21st century, a century with a profusion of youngsters suffering from what I call Verbal Communication Syndrome (V.C.S.) A greater percentage of their communication is through texting even when the recipient is at a stone throw away. The main reason to why their relationships can’t stand the test of time is that; unlike verbal communication, texting is incapable of expressing the most vital element of effective communication namely; feelings.
Texting as a means of communication that the young generation have totally embraced have not only robbed them the authentic meaning of effective communication which is denoted by the exchange of feelings, it have also restrained them from establishing apt physical self-expression as well as self-confidence.
Effective communication is the exchange of feelings where understanding is derived. You can argue it otherwise till cows come home but 97% of effective communication is based on your body language which includes facial expressions and gestures. That’s why face to face communication is the most effective method that guarantees effective communication.
Times without number I’ve heard people urge that texting and chatting are the most effective means of communication. This is a point that I strongly beg to differ. From my school of thought, texting and chatting are rapid means of communication but not effective.
A perfect example is a case when you send someone a text message and he or she claims to have not received the text. For the people who thought that wassup had finally saved them the lie of recipients who claim not to have received a text message, i have bad news for you. You’re recipient can set his or her wassup in a way that both read and unread messages remain grey. This gives someone a chance to claim not to have read your message even when he or she have read message. With that knowledge well encrypted on your finger tips, it’s always important to refrain from texting especially when indispensable understanding is essential.
Most parents who have adopted texting as a primary means of communicating with their children have already set themselves up for occasional frustrations. Children especially teens whom truth is a nemesis have a tendency of claiming to have not received or read the text. To free yourself from such occasional frustrations, just refrain from texting and develop a trend of calling that way you will be sure that your message is perfectly delivered whenever your call is answered.
Needless to say, the most effective method to parent your children is through a face to face communication whenever the chance is at hand. If time with your children is always contingent, you have a responsibility to create time out of your busy schedule for a face to face communication. Face to face communication with your children does not only ensure effective communication, it simultaneously helps to create infinite memories in the lives of your children. 
In this day and age, it’s inarguably true that most parents have no control over their children in matters internet consumption. Internet has substituted mum and dad parenting resulting to a morally delayed generation. Whenever all family members are always aboard the internet technology platforms on daily basis for reasons better known to themselves, there is a dire need to disconnect in order to reconnect. 
It’s extremely important to always prioritize tech free activities or better still family tech free days. This activities can include around the table games like chase, scrabble and the like. It’s likewise very important to restrain electronic gadgets from the dinner table and instead embrace a habitual occurence of holding family conversations which tend to become more interesting without any distractions from gadgets. Around the dinner table talks is surely the very best opportunity to disconnect your gadgets and reconnect with each other. It’s inarguably true that internet technology have brought your virtual friends closer. Nonetheless, it have taken away your family members and real friends who are mostly within your reach on daily basis or whenever a dire need is at hand. 

Posted by Moral Compass by Nelson Mwangi 

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