Dissent Brewing Inside The Hustler’s Pot.


People tend to disagree when they don’t understand each other. When one party is so busy wanting to be heard and doesn’t spend any time trying to understand, disagreement is right around the corner. When you come to an understanding that most of us are more alike then we are different, you can begin to tolerate and accommodate–even appreciate–a different point of view. So first, seek to understand and appreciate. That does not mean you have to agree, just that you’re open to hearing them out.

From anonymous internet cries.

I am a bonafide member of the UDA so I will not be speaking as an adversary but rather an in-house voice of a few truths.

There are areas that need immediate attention without too much politics……

1. The cost of living in Kenya is skyrocketing & we can no longer blame President Uhuru or the global economic forces. I get it that the subsidies were not sustainable, but I’m sure there are still some things you can do. The danger of this status quo is that it could easily turn into a rebellion against your government.

2. The aggressive taxation regime that you have adopted could make sense to you & I get it, but the public isn’t with you on it. They feel you’re squeezing them to the last drop of blood while your corrupt cronies are going scot-free by having their cases withdrawn. Your fight against corruption is at near ZERO.

3. The cost of power is not within reach & it’s because we have some IPP’s that are being paid todate but either deliver no power at all or their contracts expired. These IPP’s belong to people very close & known to you. This has augmented the cost of production & invariably the cost of food, which I’m sure you’re aware of.

4. Your cabinet is unnecessarily humongous. Why did you have to appoint the CAS? Doesn’t this increase our wage bill at the apex for no good reason? You don’t have to reward all your political allies with government jobs. Not everyone can work in government.

5. Your public appointments are tribally skewed & this worries me. Every gazette notice that you issue has got the majority of Kalenjin names on it. This is not good for our national integration platform that President Uhuru had left behind. Such moves only go steps further to isolate you because your government will be seen as a Kalenjin one.

6. The austerity measures proposed the Treasury have been totally ignored by your government. How then shall we recover from the fiscal abyss that we find ourselves in? You cannot tax a nation unto prosperity Your Excellency.

7. I get the impression that you are consumed much more by the politics of the day especially in the area of getting an absolute majority in parliament as opposed to service delivery. This is catastrophic because our UDA manifesto spells different.

8. Don’t take up RAO’s invitation to a dog fight. In any case, on issues such as the cost of living, he is actually right. You should have ignored him from the word go, but you didn’t. Now you will have to deal with him & guess what? He is going to distract you a great deal.

9. Put a clip on Riggy G’s mouth. I hope you now see why we overwhelmingly wanted Kithure Kindiki as DP. The infighting is becoming too apparent & it’s giving President Uhuru the last laugh because a familiar scenario is beginning to play itself.

10. Call a UDA PG & demand for less politics but more service delivery. We cannot be in such a campaign mode right after an election.

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