DNA Dispatches A direct Message To President Uhuru Kenyatta



Office Of DNA Global President

                                                                                                                           Atlanta Georgia

*Corona Virus is a Public Health Emergency Deserving Action Worldwide.

*Government should set up mechanism in place to contain the situation.

*Government to consider evacuation of its stranded Citizens in China.

*Ministry of Health to set aside a rescue operation in corroboration with Doctors and Medical students volunteers from the main Universities.

*All to assist the Government to contain the menace.

DNA is fully supportive of the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s action of today that was released under executive order NO. 2 of 2020.

With the following added suggestions that can also assist in the exercise.

  1. Use already existing completed facilities located in military bases.
  2. Establish a temporary campsite not far from the airport and same can be done in a day using tents.
  3. Referral health facilities like the newly completed Gatundu Hospital can be a center for Corona virus treatment.
  4. Kenyans with newly completed unoccupied facilities near airport to allow the Government to use for logistics.
  5. The national emergency response committee should be assisted by the existing Redcross organization who already have in place personnel trained for such operations.
  6. Seek assistance from CDC-Kenya office
  7. Reserve special emergency vehicles equipped with mobile clinics
  8. Appoint a director for the rescue mission reporting direct to the office of the President.
  9. The President to give a state address to calm peoples emotions
  10. MOH and CS to embark on thorough grassroot education.

World Health organization to be requested to also bring in qualified medical doctors to assist in the operation.

United Nation should help in containing this world health disaster.


Corona virus as experts are saying is not new as many are thinking and a lot is already known about it, and its only that we have not experienced it in the magnitude being currently witnessed.

There is not a single country in the world that is currently prepared to deal with corona virus in a mass scale, and therefore we should not criticize the Kenyan Government for not being prepared for if we do so, we shall not help to contain it.

The Government is already doing what it can, and though we should push it to do more, let us deal with real facts and objectively consider if, for example, cancelling Chinese flights contributes anything towards addressing the risks at hand Vs the resultant disruption in trade & chain of supply and also the lives of Kenyans in China.

We can blame the Government and keep on shouting, but people also have a duty to protect themselves. The Government has qualified personnel and research fellows who should be working round the clock to contain the situation.

Those involved in the process of screening and dealing directly with persons from coronavirus areas should be adequately be provided with protective gear and equipped as they carry out their duty.

We already have complaints that the thermo detectors which are only two don’t work.

President Uhuru has done his part by drafting the cause of action and that alone show concern for Kenyans and all should strictly obey his directives to contain the situation.

We must also note that he still has a responsibility to protect Kenyans and those stranded in China must be brought back to avoid further deaths. All the same it should be done after the committee appointed, fully set in place measures to detect anyone coming back from affected areas.

If they cannot travel back, the Ambassador in China through Government assistance, should help them to immigrate to safer havens where the virus has not already attacked.

 The virus is a worldwide concern as it can cause havoc to the whole world population if not contained and the Presidents directive should be given maximum attention.

All to capture lessons learned as they go along the process of setting up quarantine centers and emergency response setup so that, next time we are more prepared for a similar if not same pandemic.

Press to keep off from operation centers and if need be, the operation should have its own press team equipped with protective gear.

All those given the responsibility by the President should act fast as directed and all should now let professionals go to work without intimidation from further social media harassment.




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