DNA Global Ambassador, Hon James Kairu, Calls for the Immediate Arrest And Prosecution Of Derek Chauvin Together With The Helpers That Stood Guard.


The Global Diaspora National Assembly Ambassador, Hon James Kairu, while calling for the immediate arrest of George Flyod murder, compared the Kenyan human rights to those in America, and concluded that the former, were better and not even comparable.

He gave examples of how petty offenders are arrested in Kenya, and the fact that arrest victims are handcuffed with hands facing forward, shows more humane, than forcefully twisting the arms backward. Women in America are treated same like men and being a weaker sex, one wonders why they have to be handcuffed in the first instance,…. and where necessary it should not be backwards.

The American police while arresting, use more excess force as compared to the Kenyan police, who don’t while arresting petty offenders. They are most of the time, peacefully loaded into a truck or police vehicle without handcuffs.

He stated that, the training of the police is to blame, and the same, should be revisited so that all can be trained on the use of firearms, and better still, humane methods of arresting those that become violent taught. The use of tasers is better than pinning someone down for a long time and eventually causing his or her death. The arresting of those armed however, should be treated different than those of unarmed individuals that pose no danger to the arresting officers.

These and many other innocent victims have shed blood at the hands of authorities meant to protect them

We must join all advocating for justice and speak out as Kenyans for we have many out there who have been victims or may one day, end up just like Floyd if the situation does not change.

We have had cases of Kenyans living in America who have died at the hands of police and since in most of the cases there were no footage cameras, the victims were killed and no arrest made. That was in reference to the case of a Kenyan who was shot dead by a deputy in Marietta in a supposedly narcotics related case and his death, later simplified and concluded as trying to run them over while being served a warrant. The deputy is still a freeman going about his daily business and the incident sadly termed as “immobilizing to save his life”

The incident happened at the Liberty Pointe Apartments located in the 700 block of Franklin Gateway SE, and the investigators findings, were never contested and a Kenyan life lost, leaving behind a lot of doubts and many unanswered questions to the family who painfully buried their dear son and let it go.

Let the George Floyd case open a new beginning to repeal the police training as many especially black people, have perished at the hands of police, and the same could have been avoidable if excess force was not used.

The Ambassador was not the only one condemning the police wicked and barbaric action, as many Kenyans in social media, expressed alot of disgust and resulted to circulating petitions demanding immediate action to be taken.

The Global Ambassador, concluded by saying “Rest in Power” George Floyd, your death was not in vain. May those you left behind, get comfort and lest assured that Americans, and every human being on earth that saw the inhuman act, meted to an unarmed person, will demand justice to prevail and be served without further delay.

Arch Dr. D.K. Gitau

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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