DNA Likens Government’s Greenlight Allowing Flights From China To Kenya Same Like Dropping A Nuclear Bomb Worse Than Hiroshima.


The Government approval to allow flights from China to land at JKIA without proper quarantine remedial measures put in place has already subjected Kenyans to obvious epidemic that can cause mass deaths with far reaching consequences.

There are reports that more planes from China are on their way to Kenya and the same, should be cancelled forthwith until the epidemic is contained worldwide. Those already in China should not be allowed to travel to any part of the world until they are thoroughly quarantined.

The Diaspora National assembly (DNA) has through its Global Ambassador to Kenya, directly appealed to President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to act fast and not allow any other flights from China to land in Kenya until measures are put in place.

The Assembly further urged the Government to immediately form a disaster team comprised of doctors Military personnel, volunteers and police to quarantine all entering and leaving the country.

Those arriving at JKIA from China and other far East countries should be directed to an emergency quarantine center for a one week observation before being released.

Kenyans are currently experiencing the locust influx that can cause untold suffering and with now the corona virus being taken for granted, we are faced with a more major disaster in waiting.

The speaker of the DNA assembly Hon Elizabeth Njeru was concerned as it would mean that accepting flights from china, will adversely affect travelers from Kenya to other major Cities of the world, and the same will be a vicious cycle. She strongly urged the Government to stop allowing flights from China before it gets out of control.

The CS Ministry of Culture  and Diaspora public holidays at DNA Hon Lily Meyer was of the opinion that Kenyans should not be left to die in China but they can be evacuated and taken to a special quarantine area and thereafter, released once confirmed free from the virus. The Government should find out through the Ambassador how many Kenyans are still trapped there.

Hon Wilfred Kimani the newly appointed State of Missouri DNA Council of elders Chairman, said that the Corona Virus was a major concern to many in Diaspora as it has also caused fear and restricted possible travels to Kenya. He insisted that a press release and a direct note to President Uhuru Kenyatta was necessary to voice our concern as Diasporans with relatives in Kenya.

The assembly was all fired up for the whole day with members contributions that showed great concern. Hon member Thiuri Kiuri pointed out that the whole world including USA UK, Kenya and all others are unprepared to deal with the epidemic. He therefore pointed out that instead of criticizing, we should share what private individuals and entities could do to manage the public heath disaster.

The speaker of DNA Hon Elizabeth Njeru cautioned members of the assembly to obey standing orders and refrain from posting unverified clips as it will cause more confusion and anxiety.

This Corona virus has made many to realize how unprepared we are in times of disaster and the DNA President  Dr. D.K. Gitau suggested that a fund should be set aside in the Kenyan budget or better still to create a full ministry of Natural Disaster Preparedness and health awareness to be ready all the time.

We at DNA do hope that there will be no further flights from China landing at Kenya’s only international airport that serves many neighboring countries. Incase they allow, due to desperate Kenyans wanting to return home, more stringent measures should be put in place to avoid the spread.


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