DNA Terms Police Action On Innocent Mombasa Residents As Barbaric And Disturbing.


The Diaspora National assembly members have condemned the police brutality meted on innocent people of Coast Province of Kenya and demanded action to be taken against the policemen involved.

The Provincial police boss should without delay arrest the thugs as that is not in accordance with the force mission statement of “utumishi kwa woote”

Their action was not to control those who could not beat the deadline but to show some hidden anger.

The same brutality shows that we are still nursing hangovers of the dictatorial regime of Moi when Kenya almost drifted to a police state.

We expect Mr. Fred Matiangi to move with speed and suspend all involved especially the police lady in the video who seemed to enjoy the harassment of innocent motorists that had to abandon their vehicles and run for safety.

We at DNA, are extremely disturbed by the online images showing grown up men and women being canned just like the days of the multiparty battles between police and the crusaders and urgent action is demanded.

Mombasa residents were very peaceful trying to beat the deadline and tear gassing them shows a failed Government that cannot protect its citizen.

The disturbing videos and pictures circulating show police officers beating defenseless Kenyans ,  Men, and others were women with children on their backs and some had fallen down. In any civilized societies it is improper to beat people who have surrendered or fallen down and pose no danger.

Even if they provoked police, they should have used other orderly means to disperse them.

Hon Edith Kariuki the DNA CS for home affairs, informed the house that the curfew created havoc because of the only ferry to cross to Likoni

”This facility is used by thousands of Kenyans daily and its controlled to have people cross the ocean in big numbers. The time given cannot be adequate to have every commuter cross to the either side so time factor is wrongly planned. On the other hand, they used the brutal GSU to manage the ferry but instead of doing it in an orderly manner, they resulted to beating them and forcing them to lie on muddy ground and heap on each other. That is barbaric and not in any way preventing the virus.

The pictures were disturbing to see Women with babies on their backs and it was certain that they were out just to feed their families”. She concluded by saying that the GSU were SIMPLY under influence.  

“I watched the clips and was mortified…there was zero distancing…if any were carriers, definitely others got it…very disturbing”. “The idea might have come from a place of positivity but the execution is chaotic….if employers only let people off at 5pm, and they have to travel far distance to the ferry, there is no way they would be able to beat the hour” said the speaker of DNA Hon Elizabeth Njeru.

“Tear gassing Kenyans is also counterproductive. Crowds of people cough sneeze wheeze ….talk of fighting a virus”. A disgusted member of DNA Hon Irene Belova commented.

As concerned Kenyans, we do hope that the brutality will stop and the culprits arrested to answer charges of creating a commotion likely to cause more spread of the virus and still, a disturbance and a breach of peace

Jean Kamau

Senior Reporter

Kenyan Parents In USA

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  1. This are our sisters, brothers, parents, some who uave worked hard to maje us what we are today. I hope Mr. President gets ours concerns and act in our favour. Many Kenyans are dieying frim Police brutality than the Corona virus. Sad 🙁


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