Domiscilla Is Boldly Walking By Faith Not By Sight.


Walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). What a simple way of putting it, but what does it really mean?  And what is Faith? Hebrews 11:1 states ”Now faith is the substance of the things hoped for, the evidence of the things not seen.” Apostle Paul was encouraging Corinthians to see things in the spiritual sense and not by the natural eye.

But what does it mean to you and me?  Here, it depends on your perspective. But based on Hebrews 11:1 it means taking your “eyes and thoughts to where you want and hope to be, and look and concentrate on that ability and power from above and soon or later it will manifest.

Walking by faith means not looking at where you are but where you want to be – not in the current situation or at the crises, but looking at what it would be by faith. It means seeing prosperity and favor regardless of all that is surrounding you. It also means looking behind the crises to see the hand of your Creator waiting for you with many blessings.

Train your mindset to stay positive and settle in what God is able to do through your faith. Jesus maintained, “Your faith has healed you to everyone he healed”. This is the faith that will give the manifestation of what you are hoping for. “Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us (Ephesians 3:20). Everything to work, we have to receive, believe and trust that it will work by faith and Unto him who is able (GOD), will take it from there.

In, There Is No Desperate Situation So Long As One Has Faith. I talked about how putting God in your situation will do you better than harm. Having faith is merely sticking with what will be or will be coming.

 After I suffered a brain Aneurysm,  I wasn’t able to do anything on my own for a long time. But every day, I thanked God for giving me the ability to walk and  to be able to resume my normal routine. Current situation , Not able to walk, seeing roads double and people with two heads but by faith, I saw myself walking, doing things on my own, driving and so forth the duration didn’t matter but by faith I saw it happening and by grace of God I’m not only walking now, but also driving. Praise God for His Goodness and Mercy!!!!. 

Walking by faith means ignoring everything at the sight and  centering your concerns and situation to the power of God our Shepherd who sees and allows everything to take place for His glory.  

Walking by faith is really an important aspect to think about. In any situation the outcome will depend on how you react to what is at hand, either faith based or faithless reaction.  for example ,On January third, I took my husband to the ER due to poor eyesight. At the hospital due to a previous stroke , they passed him through for testing he had gone maybe about ten minutes when the intercom came to life with code blue in radiology announcement. 

My heart sank because I felt something had happened to my husband. I just knelt where and said a prayer. Shortly the nurse came and informed me that I needed to gather my things and go to the ICU that something did happen to my husband and they were taking him to the ICU.

 later, I found out that my husband had coded three times that evening but he was okay and responding.

 On Sunday however; his oxygen was low and they had to put him back to the respirator and the head doctor informed me that he was too sick and I should consider letting him go. I told them they were not God to decide and that I will only listen to God and they should do everything for him.

For two weeks he was just there but I maintained my trust in God and prayed. The doctors told me that I was in denial and that people pray and they don’t get answers they want. I told them that I know who my God is and my husband was okay because I didn’t feel what they were saying to me.

My husband has been back and forth between the ICU and the step down floor for three months. But today, my husband is okay and going to the rehab Praise God for his goodness and mercy. Therefore, faith based on reaction, brings a better outcome.  

Your sister in Christ

Mrs Domiscilla Wagner

Senior Underwriter,



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