PRESS RELEASE! Don’t Associate Yourselves With Diaspora Organizations Operated From Kenya. DNA Urges Kenyans Living In The Diaspora


Kenyans living in the Diaspora have been urged to disengage themselves with organizations based in Kenya purporting to champion the rights of those in the Diaspora and yet they could be advancing their own not yet known agendas.

The Diaspora National Assembly during debate time cited one going by the name Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA), whose offices are located in Nairobi and headed by one Dr. Shem Ochuodho.

A member of the DNA Hon Alex Momanyi clarified that KDA original idea was meant to deal with small Diaspora Organizations to unite for a common purpose but not to be owned by an individual or a group whose intention is to advance their selfish interests.

It seems that the idea was eventually hijacked by the Kenyan based KDA who recently organized a homecoming and seem to be busy trying to convince all Diaspora organizations to join them through membership.

Members felt that KDA based in Kenya has ulterior motive as there is no one in the Diaspora who head the organization and as such, it does not qualify to be a Diaspora organization like the existing ones that are registered by the Embassy in DC.

The articles of association must include the formation of such organization and names of the office bearers must be people living in the Diaspora.

The DNA further noted that KDA was formed like any other welfare organization to help Kenyans in the Diaspora and not those in Kenya.

As it stands now, KDA is headed by Dr Shem Ochuodho who resides in Kenya and who is currently glooming all Diaspora organizations to join their organization by paying some membership fees.

We as the DNA have resolved to inform and warn all to dissociate themselves from the KDA organization with offices in Kenya as it does not serve the interest of those in the Diaspora but a few individuals.

If our attempts don’t achieve the required attention from all in the Diaspora, a formal petition may later be sent to all to sign to show our seriousness

This is an attempt directed at those that have concern for their fellow Kenyans and not to those who fall ludicrously short of improving the wellbeing of Kenyans in the Diaspora.

We do not however expect it to be applied by timid or nerdy characters who possess the means but aren’t prepared to do anything to themselves and the society at large.


There is a newly formed KDAUSA headed by Dr Agwenyi and we are further told that it has nothing to do with KDA Kenya. We will update once we get all the facts and what it stands for.

Adds Honorable Patrick Nganga:

We are very disorganized which allows anyone to try and take advantage of the situation.
We need to come together and unite as a Diaspora to remove the vacuum that clearly exists for exploitation.
Problem we face in unity is our own undoing. Everyone wants to be the big honcho and unwilling to support others. If one of us tries to get a Diaspora Convention, other so called Diaspora leaders are the first ones to shoot it down.
In my view, anyone in the Diaspora going out of their way to sacrifice time, resources should be supported. If they have short comings, let’s point this out when in the organizing team, not outside bad mouthing the same.




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