Don’t Give The Hyena Twice.


By Peris Nyarangi-Nairobi Kenya Diaspora Times Correspondence

Throughout a person’s life, every experience and encounter with others significantly impacts who that person becomes. How that person’s life genuinely and selflessly permanently changes other people’s lives along the way- is the greatest gift one can ever imagine.

We have a situation in Kenya where an aspiring candidate is promising Kenyans what he will do for them to alleviate their poverty levels. The same is, however, doubtful, judging from other past promises that were never fulfilled. That person who publicly promised Kenyans promises that were never fulfilled is non-other than the current Deputy President in Kenya, William Ruto.

William Ruto cannot even explain his effort to improve the lives of the displaced people in Kenya. The fact that he has not assisted them rebuilt the burnt Kiambaa Church and yet can afford to donate millions to Churches in Central Province is baffling. Had there been little effort towards the displaced during his tenure as DP, it would at least have been a good cause that could have saved him much talking on top of vehicles. Talking too much will soon lead to the obvious question, “what have you done to us lately.”

Large populations in Rift Valley got displaced after the 2007 General elections in Kenya. Those Kenyans became separated from time-honored roots of language, culture, and social bonds. As a result, it has been hard up till now to create new social and economic relationships in the relocated areas. 

They were incapable of changing existing social dynamics in the camps; they sought refuge to continue surviving. Now, subjecting such people to politics and voting for those they fear will torment them further, is like adding injury to insults.  

The agony such communities are experiencing is indescribable, but there is hope because the Azimio team is addressing the issue of the displaced. It pains to see the Mt Kenya area turning a blind eye towards the same. They are helping those that displaced and even killed their brothers and sisters while comforting themselves with biblical verses of forgiveness. They do so at ease because they don’t know the pain of losing a loved one through senseless tribal clashes.

The IDP is further neglected because the church has been compromised with stolen loot. The same has to reciprocate the generosity even after knowing the source must be corruption. The lines of religious and civil society in Kenya are identical today. As long as they remain, no antagonism can exist between the spiritual and the temporal power, and resistance can exist between the spiritual and the secular power, especially when there are monetary gains.

This election in Kenya should be an eye-opener to avoid tribal conflicts when some people are defeated, but some leaders, especially the youth, don’t see the dangers ahead. President Uhuru is the man to give direction to his people, but many are not heeding his advice after receiving a lot of money from the Deputy President. They are in a dilemma, for they cannot be able to refund the same, and the only way out is to support him while knowing very well that he is not fit to be the President.

We all have to ask the pertinent question that has been asked by leaders who know the direction Kenya can head if we elect a terrible leader “under whose hands are Kenyans safe.”

Those who said, “We shall not give the hyena twice,” had seen a situation similar to the current one in Kenya because the person favored by some corrupt Kenyans, mainly from Mt Kenya area, want Kenya to remain a corrupt Nation. They want the displaced to remain displaced and evicted, including those in their rightful lands.

Therefore, we should be mindful of future generations as the country cannot develop when corrupt people lead, and on top of it all, the occurrence of election violence should be a thing of the past.

Let us vote for those promising hope for a better Kenya but not the ones giving one day handouts to continue oppressing Kenyans.

Make that choice or perish.

We fail because we do not try


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