DP WILLIAM RUTO, Help President UHURU KENYATTA to resettle Kenyans displaced in 1992 and in 2008, rebuild Kiambaa Church, recover Kimwalel  funds, and solve the reported mystery of money laundering by Interpol”.

The majority of Kenyans doubt the sincerity and the truthfulness of DP William Ruto’s statement that he was just a phone call away to assist  President Uhuru Kenyatta in dealing with Kenyans’ problems.

After President Uhuru publicly blamed William Ruto for abandoning him when he was in need, he immediately responded with a Twitter suggesting that he was ready to help. With all due respect, if true what DP said was sincere, he should help President Uhuru Kenyatta to resettle those Kenyans who were evicted from their legally owned homes in 1992 and 2008 in Eldoret and other parts of Rift Valley. After that, he can help the President to recover all the 23 billion shillings intended for the Kimwalel and Arror dams construction. It is not the end of his new assignment, for he can also help him unearth the intricate money-laundering scheme recently mentioned by Interpol. Since becoming the Deputy President of Kenya, you will recall that William Ruto has never addressed the resettlement of the Kenyans evicted from their homes during the massacres. He has never initiated the issue of rebuilding the burnt Kiambaa Church in Eldoret and even never condemned those against the move.

Just recently, this year, many Kenyans led by Bishop Joseph Mariko, volunteered to rebuild Kiambaa Church. Hon. Oscar Sudi, a very close confidant of DP William Ruto, openly said that the rebuilding of the same will not be allowed, and I quote him, “As long as I am alive,  Kiambaa KAG Church will never be rebuild. Kwani ni Cathedral. Waende wajenge huko”.  Hon. Sudi’s words must have been altered with the full blessings of his boss DP William Ruto. DP William Ruto’s huge responsibilities will be to help resettle the evicted Kenyans, rebuild the Kiambaa Church, and exonerate himself from the money laundering allegations.

Noting that those are National issues of paramount importance in terms of the concerns to the Kenyan people, it would be very wise for him to help in accomplishing them. It would undoubtedly build his career and change the minds of those Kenyans who are fully convinced that DP William Ruto is a lair.  They term him so after he openly lied that UDA built Roads built Railways and connected electricity to many homes in Kenya. It was an outright lie because the party had not been in existence for more than two years. During this period of the campaigns for the 2022 elections, Kenyans expect uncountable and unbelievable promises from candidates. While some promises will be truthful, numerous other promises will be open lies to win elections. DP William Ruto’s sincerity will only be proved after ensuring an effective committee is making progress towards resettling the displaced Kenyans from Rift Valley. Funds for the Kimwarer and Arror dams fully recovered, and finally, after unearthing the money laundering scheme.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union and Chairman

Kikimo Foundation for Corruption and Poverty Eradication.

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