Dr. Arikana Chihombori –Quoa Rewrites the Song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” to be sung as “Please cry for me Diasporans ”.


Dr. Arikana petition song is a failure at production and may only be sold to a few fans back in her mother country Zimbabwe, then broadcasted widely in social media a few times and thereafter, shelved and forgotten.

There is a lot not told to those 80 thousand plus people blindly signing a petition that is in the social media and to make the matter worse, finding empathy from uninformed people who may not even know that France colonized some African countries once upon a time.

She forgets that the problem facing Africa is the leaders themselves and not the Colonial Masters as they have failed to develop their countries due to many civil unrest and corruptions. Minerals may be one thing, but the African countries have many other resources that if well utilized, can dwarf the minerals and loans she is talking about.

The office of the Ambassador of AU to United States is a high office that has already specified and established its mandate and the holder is not necessarily required to invent new or past history discoveries but to work as per the charter entitled to the holder.

It is common sense to the effect that the AU Ambassador can formulate effective ways of making services that the Union offers to be efficient and better presented, but not to go beyond by reviving the past and inner secrets that are supposed to be handled by the Union in conjunction with heads of member states.

Having gone through the applicable documents that summarized the Ambassador misconduct and subsequent dismissal, we can draw a conclusion that she went beyond her charter and was not “the holier than thou” Ambassador as depicted by the good speech she gave concerning how France continues to milk a sick and malnourished cow called “Africa”.

The investigation noted:  Acrimony and threats, assorted group created by Ambassador with help of Husband, nepotism as is usual with Africans, favoritism, conflicts of financial interest, Wakanda one, beauty contests not in line with mission,  bank accounts, insulting staff, driver abuse,  cheating in contract bidding, misapplied funds and waste of AU money, Chevron donation.

The above accusation are not hearsay as they are contained in a document ref/OIA/Case 2019/001.

The Ambassador may not have sat down to address the accusation properly and in a timely manner but instead,  started accusing her own staff and went further to threaten them with internal audit on October 1ST but instead of getting a pat on her back, was only thanked and terminated 6 days after.

Then just like a hunted surprised deer, the Ambassador never had any escape plan to defend her position but instead, turned back to the groups she had formed in the Diaspora to circulate a petition to rescind the decision.

When it comes to such high offices, you cannot win by turning to your friends some of whom are jobless in the first place. The social media is composed of all sorts of people and a petition at times is ill conceived potholed avenue to bargain a deal.

She is narrating to the media the ills of the French people a historical fact that is already known by her employers and the same, has diplomatic protocols  to be followed other than public outcry.

At times you can liken the learned Doctor to a child kicking the landlord out of the house she knows belong to the father and the little girl has no knowledge that the house has an owner.

That takes us back to the countries that the French still continue to control despite the fact that they left long time ago. It’s not France alone as even the British, still control the countries they left up to this day. The French that burned Algeria may not have a claim over the City but the same people, left many investments elsewhere that may not be fully paid in a hurry as Dr Arikana is suggesting.

They built the Cities and installed the mining equipments and just like an investor to a foreign country, there are still treaties, covenants and contracts that are still pending and have to be honored in the time specified. The AU is aware of it and they must be negotiating new terms and bridging loans contracts in a more diplomatic approach other than through public rhetoric sympathy.

It takes time for a country to delink entirely from its colonial masters and many African countries had to meet in Lancaster to negotiate. Kenyans for one negotiated for the white settlers to be left alone in exchange of freedom and the British got a military training camp at Nanyuki with a lease term that can be extended. Those that had invested heavily like Magandi soda will continue selling salt to Kenyans until God knows when the lease will be terminated and after doing so, we may continue paying the company some shares owed to them as per covenants thereon. A sad fact but we are helpless as the founding fathers saw it of beneficial to their country other than to continue under the white rule.

The rogue Ambassador has chosen the path of seeking public sympathy from ordinary people far below her caliber and the petition will not reinstate her nor get more than she is entitled to after termination. The same may also affect her medical career and if the Doctor is wise, she should abandon the ineffective push to liberate Africa and put the white coat and get back to work.

Africa especially her mother country Mozambique need doctors to treat the sick more than listening to a lone eloquent female talking of some French people stealing minerals from Africa.

It’s unfortunate that Ray Charles is dead for if he were alive, he would have rewritten his song about Jack, this time for Dr. Arikana “hit the road “Arikana”  Hit the road Arikana and don’t you come back …No more, no more, no more, no more ….Hit the road Arikana and don’t you come back ….No more What’d you say? Hit the road.

She would certainly get the message from her boss H.E. Moussa Faki Mhamat and just like Ray Charles said “Well, I guess if you say so…. I’d have to pack my things and go”.

Yes that would be the appropriate thing to do while still famous but if she wait too long fighting a giant body with threats and inflated compensation, she will just be wasting precious time that is most needed to build her good image while it last. The image may not last long as she is intermingling and addressing her concern to people way below her status and the same will only lower her popularity.

We all the same heard your sentiments Madam Ambassador and may the law and diplomacy take its course to entirely liberate Africa one day. It’s not a fight for one lady but a fight for the entire African Union and now that they heard, let the echo reverberate in their ears to start a motion of negotiating better terms of entirely de-linking colonization in Africa. 

We wish you a happy retirement away from diplomatic circles and advice you to join politics in your home country when you are still young and famous, for if you wait too long, you will soon be forgotten just like the many that choose the same radical path.

May what you read don’t go beyond your conscience.






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