Dr.Penny Njoroge urges all to address the many recurring serious tragedies in Kenya


File picture of the late Ivy Wangechi

This is a serious tragedy that’s needs urgent, serious and joint attention.

The sad thing is that in Ivy’s brutal murder and as in many other cases involving either the murdered or brutalized women or men, we as society tend to focus more on the crimes of the murdered instead of the crimes and other things going in the lives and minds of the murderers.

We even overlook or forget the impacts of our often cruel and untimely comments on the families left behind in grief for no faults of their own.

 We inevitably bury the dead quickly and move on without conclusive answers or solutions until another death.

We have no debriefing moments after these crises. It hit me in the guts when “40” girls are murdered. I’m left agonizing on how many extended family members have had their lives instantly negatively impacted for generations to come including those of the murderers, how many life changing dreams and inventions have gone down the drain that like Ivy and others had the potential to improve human lives?, and the list of our loses as families, communities, society in general is endless.

 How long and how many lives must we lose to mental illness, depression, various forms of obsessive entitlement., drugs and substance abuse and addictions, alcoholism where most people turn for quick temporary fixes, instead of bravely addressing the underlying roots of these heinous behaviours costing us such precious young lives?.

As a parent, a fellow human being and a full time mental health professional constantly dealing with these issues, my heart is broken and aching for these families.

Allow me to repeat that it’s time to UNMASK AND DEMYSTIFY mental illness and all the above so that the sick can come out of hiding to get help before hurting themselves or others. We as the society must urgently REMOVE SHAME AND STIGMA from mental illness.
I’m available to help initiate, lead or join others in these now much needed conversations before we lose more precious lives.

Even teaching our young people how to treat each other fairly and humanely to avoid these dangerous retaliations costing lives and immense loses and grief.

Like many other times I have mentioned the reality that until we deal with the pink elephant, MENTAL ILLNESS IS A GROWING EPIDEMIC. We can no longer be silent at this rate.

File picture Rev Dr.Penny Njoroge

Rev. Penny Ruth W. Njoroge has been a Counseling Psychologist\psychotherapist\group therapist (in mental health) for over 25 years.  She is a Board Certified Therapist in Substance Abuse and Addictions; Death and Grief; Marriage and Family, as well as Crisis Intervention with many years of mentoring and empowering abused women and children, and Youth Mentoring (received Birmingham Mayor’s Hidden Heroes for mentoring). She is a Fellow of American Institute of Stress and a Diplomat with American Experts in Traumatic Stress\National Center for Crisis Management.  She has also received Birmingham Caregiver of the Year award, Alabama Hospital Hero’s award and Kenya’s Presidential Award for Community Service both here in the USA and in Kenya before she came to the USA. 

Rev. Penny Njoroge is a motivational speaker and seminar workshop facilitator with a passionate message for people of all ages not to quit on their dreams because it is never too late to rise above our life challenges.  She strives to Inspire, Encourage, Empower, Engage and Change lives, especially women, so they can rise up and play their part in life.  She is internationally travelled and experienced.

Rev. Dr Penny Njoroge tweets from @drpennyonline

Dr Penny Njoroge is a senior contributor to Kenyan Parents in USA


Dr Penny Njoroge is not the only one affected by the increase in murder cases to young girls in Kenya as it is a concern to all and R.S. had this to say.

Very sad indeed!! But the question I think we should be asking..is this a reflection of the current/ upcoming generation?

I don’t want to stereotype with the understanding that mental health does not choose its victim.. but at the same time the rate that this rampant psychoactive behaviour is taking hold is alarming!

Ivy is the 40th gal killed (amongst the recent reported/known) cases in Kenya according to reports..(of course many more than these).

 Why is it only women victims? Or it the current generation of children with ideation of entitlement (millennials) as they tend to say or are we waking up to the reality of a long sleeping monster amongst us?

My God something need to be done ASAP!!

This elephant need to be given a priority by us and esp. Govt arms addressing the core of this mental/social behavior.
#Rest in peace Ivy and the many otgers who have fallen in the hands of this beast.

Alice Munyua added

We need to pray without ceasing. Our fight is not with flesh and blood.


D.K. Gitau


Kenyan Parents in USA


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