e-citizen/Kenyan embassy DC epassport experience. A Must Read


1.Disclaimer: This document is a personal account of one experience and is to be used


The Kenyan Government/Embassy is ultimately the final authority regarding epassport


What to expect on the E-CITIZEN platform

This form takes a while to fill out but if you have your documents ready and scanned it will

likely take a shorter time. Also, you cannot save and return to it later.

You will need a Kenyan number to access the platform. The system is set up to only receive

verification codes from Kenyan numbers. Yes, call and find a Kenyan in KenyaJ

Before you start the application form, it is advised that you have digital copies of ALL

documents listed below. Please note that the file size for these uploads cannot exceed 195 KB.

Save these files accordingly. The e-citizen form will ask you to upload the following six


1. Copy of your ID

2. Recommender’s ID copy

3. Last 4 pages of your passport (may be easier to scan each page separately since you

upload each page on its own)

You will also need the following details of your recommender before you start the form.

1. Full Name

2. ID Number

3. Profession/Occupation

4. Email address

5. Phone Number

6. P O Box

At the end of the ecitizen form, you are asked to book an appointment. I booked one for 10

AM. In my experience, it would appear the embassy staff are not too keen on when you arrive

but there was a roster with names of people who had scheduled their appointments that day.

What to expect at the Kenyan Embassy in DC

Arrive reasonably early. I arrived half an hour before my ecitizen “appointment” which was at

10 AM and there were only 7 people ahead of me. It was a Thursday not sure if other days are

busier. I brought copies of everything.

September 2019

e-citizen/Kenyan embassy DC epassport experience


There are FIVE steps at the embassy. On the day I applied we were moved from one area to

the next in groups:

1. Receiving area

This is basically the reception/lobby. Here the staffer checks your name against a list

and then verifies that you have all of your documents. They also ask for your invoice so

that it can be verified with Nyayo House. If you forgot to make copies of

EVERTHING, this is the point where they tell you where to find a copier center


2. Pre-Processing area

Once all of your documents are checked, you will be given a folder in which to put all

of your documents, you must write your contact details at the top. In addition to the

folder, you are asked to glue your own pictures on the application form and to add

your US contact details to the form.

3. Waiting Area

In this area, a different staffer checks your originals (Birth Certificate, ID, and

passport). I believe they only do this if your invoice checks out okay with Nyayo


4. Biometric Collection Area

Once your originals are cleared, you are called in to the biometrics collection area.

Here the first officer will ask for your originals again, and after entering details into the

system, they will issue you with a type of receipt that has your application number and

it also has a photo ID number. The second officer will confirm you have received your

originals back then use the receipt to confirm your name. Once you have verbally

confirmed your name your picture is taken and you are asked to wait again in the

waiting area.

5. Waiting Area

If you have made it back to this area it means you are well on your way to almost

getting your new epassport. The point of this area is for the embassy staff to give you

instructions on passport collection. See bottom of page 4 for details on how to do that!

Whatever you do, do not lose your unique receipt from step 3! It is the only way that

the embassy can track your application.

Kila na heri!

September 2019

e-citizen/Kenyan embassy DC epassport experience


The list of requirements are posted here: I have added notes

new PASSPORT application requirements



• Form 19 ( Application form) fully completed and signed (You must print this form

and the invoice!)

• Your current passport and 1 copy of (Bio-data page of your passport)Page with picture

and information)

• Copy of 2nd Generation Kenya National Identity card front and back. (Mandatory- If

you do not have a Kenya National ID read –

It appears that the DC embassy may not be as strict about this but follow link above

if you need clarification/confirmation. I had a new Gen ID.

• Two passport size pictures. (Most current picture taken maximum within the last one


(Note: Just bring four, I think somewhere else it says THREE). I brought three and

was asked to glue all three on the form.

(a)Clear Pictures. They should not be blurred nor have a dark hue, all facial features

should be clearly outlined.

(b)Pictures with full face and both ears showing

(c)Pictures taken against a white background

(d)Weaves and hair should not cover the forehead or the rest of the face

(e)Decent pictures-ladies should not be wearing strapy or strapless tops.

(f)Pictures should be without shadows in the background.

(g)Pictures in which the applicant is not smiling or laughing

(h)Pictures should be taken without spectacles.

(i)The size of the pictures should be 2 inches by 2 inches.

• A Money Order or Cashiers Check of: (Payable to Embassy of The Republic of Kenya)

(a)$120.00 for a 32 page passport. (b)$170.00 for a 64 page passport. (c)$210.00 for a

mutilated passport.

September 2019

e-citizen/Kenyan embassy DC epassport experience


On ecitizen, the credit card option did not work for me but it has worked for others. It

seems the system works best with MPESA. I just used the MPESA option. Print


• A copy of your birth certificate both sides.

• A notarized copy of recommender’s Kenyan ID.(Mandatory). Recommender is any

Kenyan of sound mind who can certify that you are a Kenyan citizen.

• A notarized copy of marriage certificate for married ladies who wish to change their

names or a notarized copy of divorce certificate/divorce decree .

I did not bring notarized copies (b/c I did not pay attention) and no one seemed to

notice. If you prefer 100% safety, just bring them.

• A prepaid, self-addressed USPS Express overnight, Priority mail with delivery

confirmation ,UPS or Fedex return envelope must be submitted will all applications for

return of your passport(s). Please ensure that your mode of postage has ADEQUATE


I brought a USPS envelope but we were instructed to hold on to it until we were

notified via the ecitizen number that our passports had been issued.

This means that the ecitizen number you used has to remain active. They also collect

your US number and email as a backup method to inform you of when your passport

is at the Embassy.

Once you receive the notification, you will have to SEND your old passport to DC

along with a prepaid self-addressed envelope which the staff will use to send both your

OLD and NEW passports. We were told that the turnaround is 6-8 weeks. Praying

and hoping!

Thank You Wanjiru Mbure for the useful information that will help many.





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