EMFs – Did They Lie Or Did We Turn A Deaf Ear?


When cellphones first made their debut in Kenya, it was in the fashion of brick-like models that resembled Walkie-talkies, long antennae and all.

I know because I worked for a telecommunications company that imported these gadgets and I still remember how we felt ‘hot’ talking on these big, huge phones with protruding antennae standing at a very congested bus stop somewhere in Kayole, waiting for the next very full matatu for which we would scramble to get in. Not many people could afford the cellphones, and neither could we, but we got them on a payment plan from the company, so in a way we could afford them. You knew that everyone at that bus stop had your attention, even though they pretended not to pay you any attention. Of course you also knew that your conversation was not private at all. It was a public affair, where you alone controlled what the person on the other end heard while this uninvited crowd listened in. Everyone in your earshot participated with you in that conversation. Then depending on their opinions, they would smile, look at you funny, shake their heads, or just outright greet one another or laugh out very loudly to block you out from invading their space. Mmmhhh…..Am smiling right now. It was funny.

And those were those days. It was a whizz selling the cellphones because actually, there was a scramble to buy them. Within the next year, these huge brick-like gadgets were phased out by smaller, much trendier phones like the Motorola, Nokia, Huawei (actually pronounced ‘Who-a-We’). I particularly fondly miss my first palm sized Motorola that lit up in red, and had among other ringing tones, a whistle, and a chirping bird. Oh good old memories of the nice cellphones! I know some of us can relate.

One thing I particularly remember from those early cellphone days, was the warning that came clearly inscribed on the user manual, to the effect that the device antennae produced radiation. As is normal, of course the phone companies hushed up this information, and any mention of anything like that was promptly met with strict denial and almost threats of defamation, which could very well be a cause for being taken to court. Whether we actually felt threatened or we thought little about it, as we were overtaken by the urge to remain relevant, is right now hard to recall.. But I must confess that at first we were slightly concerned that we could be exposed to what we all understood to be harmful radiation. The urge to fit in and to communicate in this new way was way too tempting to care about any side effects that could possibly arise as a result of using these gadgets, and so we shrugged off the warnings and turned that deaf ear. We threw caution to the wind and erased that warning from our minds. Yes, we turned the deaf ear, even though they (the phone companies) could have lied to us that the amount of radiation was negligible.

But you cannot forever ignore a monster that keeps knocking at your door, so, after about almost 30 years now, I just came across the World Health Organization report that was written in 2011, stamping as true, what we ignored those many years ago. Those early warnings that we ignored, were actually true. Cellphones really do emit radiation, in the fancy style of what is now known as EMFs or Electro Magnetic Fields.

EMFs all around us

As I set out to research and see what this was all about, I was very unpleasantly surprised to learn that we are surrounded by EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) in our everyday life, starting from our cell phones, power lines and electrical devices such as: TVs, Microwave ovens, electrical wiring, computers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi routers. In addition, blenders, coffee makers, and practically most any household gadget that uses electricity, emit EMFs. So spending long hours in the kitchen, or in front of TV or computer screens, exposes us that much more.

The World Health Organization now advises that EMFs are possible carcinogens in the same group as lead, chloroform and engine exhaust fumes. Since technology is only going to increase, it may only be wise to protect ourselves against the devastating effects of EMF’s.

Doctors now confirm that there is a spike in childhood brain tumors and cancers, which are associated with use of Bluetooth headphones. As one doctor sarcastically put it: “The best way to know if there is childhood cancer, is to give our children these gadgets and let them play with them for 8 continuous hours”. Most of us are guilty of this. Maybe it is time to go back to the drawing board and decide what is worse for us and our kids – the tantrums or the diseases.

Precautions to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation

Don’t put your cell phone right next to your body. Signal strength falls off as the distance between your body and the cell phone increases. The further away you are from the phone, the better.

Keep conversations short. The less you talk on your cell phone, the less exposure to radiation you will have.

Don’t talk up that fast Technicians advise that radiation is at its highest when an incoming phone is making the connection, so they advise to pick up the incoming call and if possible delay bringing the phone to the ear.

Use a headset. Experts recommend using either a wired headset or Bluetooth, even though there is evidence that Bluetooth causes radiation. However, as expected, there are still some disagreements in some quarters, that the amount of radiation emitted by Bluetooth is negligible. Before the experts agree, why compromise your health?

Use the speaker phone. The downside to this is that everyone around you will hear your conversation, so you may want to do this in private.

Turn your cell phone off when you are not using it, and especially when you go to sleep at night. Better still, leave it away from the bedroom altogether or put it to “airplane mode”. Turning off the house Wi-Fi router is also advisable.

Avoid using your cell phone in places where you get a poor signal. Cell phones emit more radiation when they are further away from the cell tower or when there is poor signal.

Text, more than talking on your cell phone. When you text, your phone is away from your head, reducing exposure.

Carry your cell phone in your purse or backpack instead of in your pocket. Certain studies show correlation between poor sperm count and men who put their phones in the front pocket. Some women too developed breast tumors shaped like phone antennae as a result of carrying their phones inside their bras.

Some phone manufacturers advice to keep the cellphone at least 15mm away from the body. Must be with good reason.

According to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), EMFs are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Sourced from: www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf

Because we are not going to change the way of the world in so far as technology is concerned, the best thing will be to get protection against these harmful rays. If you are worried what to do, worry no more because there is a solution that promises to protect EMFs from getting to your body. This might be a pricey solution, but a solution is better than none. And, hey, if we can afford to put ourselves in harm’s way, we can definitely afford to figure out a way out of it. What the mind purposes to do, the mind usually achieves.

Qi Technologies of Germany has introduced a technology that cancels out the EMF frequency and creates a safe EMF-free zone. Qi are said to be doing very well in Europe and are only now opening up to other international markets. The system promises to convert homes and businesses into true sanctuaries, protected from the radiation in EMF fields as well as cell phone radiation (5G). They also have a product that can be carried around to protect a person from the EMFs wherever one goes and there are even pendants to wear around your neck.

Qi also carries a range of appliances for private use which have a positive effect in different fields.

You can get EMF protection gadgets and Qi’s other appliances from this site: https://synergyscience.com/product/qi-home-cell-swiss-pine/

And, No, I am not getting any compensation for this information.


Cell phones and microwave ovens operate on the same wavelength, only that the microwave is definitely much more powerful. So, it is recommended to keep a good distance from the microwave while it is on and avoid looking inside the microwave glass while it is on.

Microwave ovens emit an enormous amount of EMF radiation and this is definitely much more harmful than the cellphone radiation. This explains why in hospitals there is a sign next to microwaves warning that it generates radiation. This also confirms what many have believed for a long time, that microwaves are not safe, but as usual, there are conflicts of interest, and so people just look the other way and get busy. In the meantime, radiation continues to cause significant harm to our bodies and DNA. That aside, food cooked or heated in microwaves is simply lacking in nutrients because it is exposed to extremely high heat, with most microwaves ranging from 3500 all the way up to 12000. Food is optimally cooked at 187 degrees, and boiling point is 2120, so at 3500, microwaved food is truly nuked.

Whether or not we believe we are being exposed to radiation, we now understand that it is the cumulative effect that eventually causes harm. The decision is ours to make. But let us remember that someone somewhere has already made a decision to make good money with microwaves, cellphones, headsets, and all these other gadgets. As we make their pockets fuller every day, we are also paying with our health. What is in it for us? Pleasure, necessity or good health? Our choice.

Please watch Dr. Devra Davis on YouTube talking at the Melbourne University on:

“The Truth About Mobile Phones and Radiation.”

May we continue taking care of one another as we take care of the universe, because we are all one.

Let’s strive to be happy, it is still a beautiful world.

Susan Kiongo

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Senior Columnist

Kenyan Parents in USA


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