The American Police System Leaning Back To The Days Of The “Dead Rabbits”: DNA Global President Declares.




Cases where innocent unarmed Americans especially blacks have been killed, are so rampant and the same, must be condemned to come to an end for the victims, could easily be our own brothers and Sisters.

Police are supposed to protect people, but instead of being helpers that we can look up to, they have resulted to being hostile and not reliable at all. Just like we witnessed during George Floyd arrest, they were not ready to listen to pleas of the many onlookers that watched in anger while an unarmed George Floyd pleaded for mercy. “Please I cant breathe”

The incident was not different from the 1830 notorious Irish gangs that could kill many in America. Yes it was a crime done as helpless people watched in fear of the ruthless armed men, who were ready to draw their guns not to arrest, but to kill.

The burly “rambo like” policeman was in no danger as George was already handcuffed and the act, was pure murder of a helpless man. Derek the heartless policeman, had firmly pressed his knee like he was gaining some form of satisfaction, as helpless George, slowly and painfully passed out and even after he was unresponsive, he could not stop. The huge “rambo” like policeman could not let go, to ensure that George, could not be saved by the paramedics who had been called. He was simply waiting for them to hand over a dead body.

We, at DNA are concerned and saddened to note that wrongdoers in this country that caused the death of the unfortunate people printed here below, freely walk and become celebrities instead of paying for their sins.

Hon Rev Wambui Njoroge CS at DNA in charge of Education and Sports urged all to sign the petition going around as it could be your brother, father, uncle, sister, cousin, friend, loved one, or even you.

None of those killed were in isolated incidents she added, and we should be cautious of the injustices happening so that the same don’t affect our own community.

She was not alone to voice concern as there were many comments like those of Lucy Simiyu a bible counselor who had this to say.

My heart breaks to witness yet another senseless loss of life.

This is declaration we strive to live by each and everyday!
.” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happines.”
We must learn to coexist , we must band together across racial lines to ensure justice is righteously served and a new environment for safety, equity and healing can be established.

This could be your brother, father, uncle, sister, cousin, friend, love one! It could be YOU!
None of these were isolated incidents. Stop ignoring the real issues. Repost
Unarmed. And dead.
TRAYVON MARTIN (Walking home with iced tea and Skittles. Shot by George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty.)
KEITH SCOTT (Sitting in car, reading. Shot by police officer, who was not charged.)
ATATIANA JEFFERSON (Looking out her window, shot by police officer, who is still under indictment for murder.)
JONATHAN FERRELL (Asking for help after auto accident. Shot twelve times by police, case ended in mistrial.)
JORDAN EDWARDS (Riding in a car. Shot in the back of the head by police officer, who was found guilty of murder.)
STEPHON CLARK (Holdng a cell phone. Shot 8 times, 6 in the back. Officers not charged.)
AMADOU DIALLO (While taking out wallet, officers fired 41 shots by four officers, who were all acquitted.)
RENISHA MCBRIDE (Auto accident, knocked on door for help. Homeowner was found guilty of second-degree murder.)
TAMIR RICE (Playing with toy gun, shot by police officer arriving on scene. Officer was not charged.
SEAN BELL (Hosting a bachelor party, 50 rounds fired by police officers, who were found not guilty of charges.)
WALTER SCOTT (Pulled over for brake light, shot in the back by police officer, who pleaded guilty to civil rights violations.)
PHILANDO CASTILE (Pulled over in car, told officer he had a legally registered weapon in car. Officer acquitted of all charges.)
AIYANA JONES (Sleeping, accidentally shot by officer in a raid on wrong apartment. Officer cleared of all charges.)
TERRENCE CRUTCHER (Disabled vehicle, shot by police officer, who was found not guilty of manslaughter.)
ALTON STERLING (Selling CDs, shot at close range while being arrested. No charges filed.)
FREDDIE GRAY (Beaten to death by officers while being transported in police van. All officers involved were acquitted.)
JOHN CRAWFORD (Shopping at WalMart, holding a BB gun on sale, police officer was not charged.)
MICHAEL BROWN (Shot twelve times by officer, including in the back. No charges filed.)
JORDAN DAVIS (Killed because he was playing loud music. Shooter found guilty of first-degree murder.)
SANDRA BLAND (Pulled over for traffic ticket, tasered and arrested. Suspicious “suicide” while in jail. No charges.)
BOTHAM JEAN (Shot at home, which police officer mistook for her own. Officer found guilty of murder.)
OSCAR GRANT (Handcuffed and face-down, officer shot him in the back. Officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.)
COREY JONES (Waiting by his disabled vehicle, was shot three times by police officer, who was found guilty of murder.)
AHMAUD AUBREY (Jogging, shot by two men who claimed they suspected him of burglaries. Both men charged with murder and aggravated assault)

Black Lives Matter

Arch Dr. D.K. GITAU

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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