Ex Police Boss In Tanzania Constructs Lavish Grave,  Buys Expensive Coffin in Unique Preparation For Afterlife.


In a rather extraordinary and attention-grabbing move, a retired police officer has made headlines by meticulously crafting an extravagant grave and investing in a costly coffin as part of his preparation for the inevitable eventuality of his passing.

This remarkable story unfolds in the Kilimanjaro region, where a retired police officer by the name of Sabasita dedicated two years of his life to meticulously creating his own final resting place.

Mr. Sabasita decided to dig his grave on the outskirts of his homestead, which he has enclosed with a stone wall for added privacy and distinction.


The surroundings of this extraordinary grave site are adorned with an array of photographs, including images of the retired officer in his military uniform and portraits of Tanzanian presidents, creating a unique and somewhat unconventional ambiance around the burial site.

Additionally, he proudly affixed a banner on one wall, displaying the various ranks he had achieved during his dedicated service as a public servant, notably as a police officer.

The question that arises naturally is why Mr. Sabasita chose to construct his own grave while he is still very much alive. Is it a quirk of character, or is there a deeper meaning behind this unconventional act?

In a candid revelation, Mr. Sabasita disclosed that he has invested nearly seven million Tanzanian shillings in the construction of his lavish grave. Furthermore, he is in the final stages of preparing his coffin, which is estimated to cost an additional three million shillings.

Interestingly, Mr. Sabasita clarified that, apart from the grave and the lavish coffin, he has not made any other preparations for his eventual passing. However, he did mention that he is in the process of having his will prepared by legal experts, ensuring that his affairs are in order for the future

This unique and thought-provoking story sheds light on the diverse ways individuals approach the concept of mortality and the afterlife. Mr. Sabasita’s extravagant preparations serve as a testament to the deeply personal and culturally diverse ways people confront the inevitable, leaving many intrigued and astonished by his extraordinary undertaking.

Excerpts from The Standard Newspaper


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