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Publicerat av George Wachiuri Fredag 5 juni 2020

https://www.facebook.com/georgeoptiven/videos/255515822329035/ We thank God that Today was the End Date for the Installation of Solar Street Lights at Victory Gardens Phase 3, 4 & 5

This project is already being refereed as an airport by locals, due to the glittering and very organized Street Lights, especially as they illuminate at Night. This is the best Transformed project in Nairobi Metropolis.

This convenient place for setting up a residential home by Optiven has gone an extra mile to:

Install Water ✅

Install Solar street lighting ✅

Establish Fruity parks ✅

Establish Gated Community ✅

Trees planted ✅

Roads upgraded ✅

Pending Items (coming soon)

15 meters water tower

Security barrier

If you want to see today’s status. Watch, laugh, reduce stress & enjoy

Just go ahead and gladly open this link and watch the video.

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