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My hosts on Ezra Christian Radio are a great couple. I am very grateful to know and to be associated with Pastor Naomi Mwaniki and Dr. John Mwaniki. Though it is not named after my Eldest Brother, Ezra -RIPE (12.22.2020), I think about him often.  I am so grateful to partner with this ministry for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. To encourage all those who live in Global Diaspora, for such a time like this. Because Ezra Christian Radio is Online, a person can access it from anywhere in the Globe. There is also Ezra TV in Kenya. The Great Commission commands us to go into: (1) All the World and preach the gospel to (2) All People and make them disciples, and (3) Teach and Baptize all people, and the Lord will be with us, (4) All Days of our lives (Matthew 28:18-20). I want to add and use (5) All available avenues and all means.

For the great commission, I can go to any city with my Bible, a Guitar, Hymn Book, and Anointing oil. That is all I have ever need to preach the gospel. My nuclear family support and stand with me as I go. My Outdoor Church has no Pulpit, Podium, Pews, Walls, Doors or Windows. I stand with the Lord Jesus Christ and believers who are equally persuaded to preach the gospel. For issues of bread and butter, for undergraduate, I studied Sociology: Child and Family Studies and Christian Ministries and graduated from Asbury University. Then studied at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I graduated with a Master of Science Degree. That is where I learned to compartmentalize education for family. I am an ordained minister. Alongside my husband of 43 years, Dr. Joe Njoroge, I am a Co-Founder and CEO with Triumph Christian Ministries, Incorporated, GA. (and its various projects). Also, Marriage Dynamics National Forum Organization. I network with various organizations in Diaspora for the welfare of families.

You are welcome to join me every Tuesday Lunch hour from 12:30-01:00 PM EST on Ezra Christian Radio Broadcast Live from Boston, MA. The program starts like this, “Good Afternoon. Thank you, Pastor Naomi Mwaniki, for giving me the opportunity to minister with you. We welcome our family, friends and those who have called in for the first time. Karibuni. This is Rev. Wambui Njoroge, A.K.A. Mama Ciru or Wambo Wa Njoro, coming to you live from South Georgia. Today we have Tips for Living in the USA for the first 10 Minutes; dedicated to my daughter Ciru, and our English Speakers. It will be followed by The Uncompromised Word of God-in my vernacular Uhoro Wa Muoyo (The Living Word). After this Broadcast, if you wish to make a comment, you can call this Number-978.856.8228; then Press *5.”

Why Lunchtime? It reminds of Nairobi, Kenya. When my family moved to Southern Georgia, I first worked with Behavioral Health Services Outpatient Clinic as a Therapist for Child/Adolescent with their Families. Later I worked with the Public School System in Mental Health. During some Summer I worked with Upward Bound Program at ABAC, and in the last 5 years, as a part-time instructor for Academic/Social Skills. I learned one simple thing about all the places I have worked here. Lunch time is from 12:00-01:00. No one is paid to work that hour. One can pretty much choose how they wish to spend their lunch time. All Offices close and people take off for Lunch. One can take a power nap if that is what is needed. This is a great opportunity to preach the gospel or to attend a Winter or Spring Revival. There are times, especially during Summer that I have called from the classroom at ABAC. I find it absolutely liberating that I can do this-take the gospel with me everywhere I go. I am very grateful for the opportunity to minister the uncompromised word, also grateful to the audience who give feedback. May the preaching of the gospel continue.

So, when Pastor Naomi Mwaniki asked me if I would like to preach on Ezra Christian Radio, I accepted with grace, provided it is during Lunch time, no matter where I am. However, In the US, this was not the first time I have been on the Radio or experienced Online ministry. Evangelist Grace Komo one season used her personal money to sponsor me to minister on Jambo Radio. And prior to that our ministry had a Radio Program in TN, “The Living Word.”  My first telephone counseling experience was with 700 Club, a ministry of CBN. In Kenya, as a Young Adult through Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (of which I am currently the USA Patron), I had opportunity to minister occasionally with Voice of Kenya on the Program,” Lift Up Your Hearts.” When not indoors, I preferred to Take my Guitar and play Praise Songs on the streets of Nairobi, like Outside New Stanley and The Railway Grounds. You need to understand that when I got saved in August of 1971 as a teenager, there is no Single Church that ordained women, leave alone give a young girl a platform to minister. Guess what? I found my parish and jurisdiction outdoors in the City in the Sun, under the bright African Skies. I worked in a prestigious Office at Bruce House on 4th Floor, but that did not stop me from taking my Guitar along, skipping Lunch and witnessing for the gospel. My Boss then, Mr. Wamalwa, just said, leave Miss Waiyaki alone. She is Converted.  But he said it in Luhya, “she is a Molokore” something like that, which I mistook the meaning by literally translating in Kikuyu…what was that? Those days people testified that they had been converted. This born-again thing, I learned it here in the US.  I took the Great Commission literally, “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel…” I testify that I am a born-again Christian, that is the first line of my introduction. My call is evangelism. Reaching the lost at any cost.

On the Radio-The Uncompromised Word is divided into 2 sessions:

  • The First 10-15 Minutes, I share Tips for living in the US-you cannot google that because they are a page from my heart. Practical Tips for families living in the US. It is dedicated to our daughter Anne Njoroge so that when she tunes in, she can listen. Anne does not speak Kikuyu or Swahili. Also, it is for all people who speak in English. The scripture for this is Jeremiah 29:11 God declares that He has good plans for us, not of evil. To give us a future and a hope. Those who do not understand Kikuyu can log off after a short prayer.
  • The Second 15 Minutes is dedicated to The Living Word or (Uhoro Wa Muoyo), which is in Kikuyu. It is the purest, prayed for and labor-intensive sermon that you will listen to. This is so because I am not used to ministering in Kikuyu. Not until I met Pastor Naomi Mwaniki, Dr. John Mwaniki more than 10 years ago, and Evangelist Grace Komo who introduced me to Jambo Radio. Uhoro wa Muoyo-Usually in preparation, I read the Kikuyu Bible na Ndemwa Nene (Large Letter Edition), then I write elaborate notes including the illustrations, stories, and music sermonettes. Therefore, when the audience call and listen, I am reading from a script, word by word, line by line and the broadcast is live. There is very little room for error, if you listen on Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:00 PM EST, you can tell I love what I do. It comes through with a lot of good energy and joy. It is one of the best works I have done.

Radio and TV are tools that have been used over the years to reach people indiscriminately. In my family I have had my lst Maternal Cousin William Njoroge Mwaura-RIPE-He was the Masculine Kikuyu Radio Host-as heard by Gikuyu Na Mumbi through the Voice of Kenya. I grew up listening to Mwaura reading the evening news, “Matemo Na Njira Nguhi.” Every time we turned on that Transistor Radio for News in Brief, his voice greeted us. Another Paternal cousin is Antony Binns, he was a News Reporter on Radio and TV.

The next generation is my daughter who took it a step farther and studied Communication/and graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with Television and Cinema studies. She has worked with movie production and taught production with the Los Angeles Public Schools. I will let her share her story sometime in the future.

Rev. Mrs. Wambui Njoroge, M.Sc. (Child & Family Studies) Email/revwambuifavored@gmail.com

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