FAMOUS “AGATHA CHRISTIE TYPE” SELF DEEP STATE STRATEGIST, PAULINE NJOROGE, unmasks cartels in RUTO’s Government who have taken Sh 9 billion police insurance cover from NHIF.


For it shows that government is no neutral arbiter of justice, but a corrupt scheme by which the politically powerful enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. As each political party accuses the other of corruption, here’s the rule of thumb: believe every word. The more at stake, the higher the price people will pay for access to power.” Thus corruption and graft must characterize any system that loots some 40 percent of the national income,” Rockwel JR.

Renowned digital strategist Pauline Njoroge has revealed a nefarious plot by President William Ruto’s government to move National Police Service (NPS) medical insurance from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and award the Sh 9 billion tender to a private entity.

In a long Facebook post on Saturday, Pauline Njoroge, who is one of the fierce critics of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance administration, stated that William Ruto campaigned vigorously against “state capture” “but is now practicing it by taking police health cover from NHIF to a private entity.

Pauline further asked whether the government supports the NHIF since the decision to move the police medical cover from it to another private entity, raises many questions and is reducing Kenyans’ confidence in the institution.

Pauline has been consistent in the fight against corruption and is more effective than the political parties that are now almost disintegrating as they strategize how to defeat William Ruto in 2027.

William Ruto Government made many promises and is now struggling to fulfil them. The vision of a hustler “bottoms up economic approach” now a blurred imagination and the forgotten campaigns slogans together with the anticipated hope for hustlers- just a bad dream and never again a reality.

Excerpts from different sources and mainly from Phoenix.


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