From Condom To Mask What’s Next?


There are over 40 million people worldwide infected with the Aids Virus compared to the officially reported slightly above 1,000 people infected with coronavirus, and the irony is that, the mask has become more popular than the condom.

Coronavirus just like the similar viruses that causes AIDS, have made many to panic twice than the Aids epidemic.

Aids is as a result of a phony temptation of a few seconds enjoyment and many however risk to get the deadly disease, in exchange of that never lasting moment. The scenario has changed and all are now panicking and quickly wearing the mask and yet many elsewhere will not wear a condom and would rather risk to get infected.

Every day people are cleared at the airport while having the AIDS virus and many are let free to go and infect people worldwide and there is no cause of alarm. There is now cause of alarm to bar same people carrying a virus with same killing potential like AIDS.

The world should move fast and screen those travelling like the Americans do to green card holders. After winning the lottery, and you test positive to AIDS, you are denied the chance to immigrate while the same Nationalities, are allowed to enter and stay in our country for long periods without any restrictions.

The visa rules for all permanent visitors entering Kenya should also have the same guidelines the Kenyans are subjected to by the American Embassy.

We are now threatened by a virus that can wipe the whole world, and to avoid millions to suffer like in the case of AIDS, proper quarantine and treatment should be mandatory to anyone travelling from one country to the other.

Holding people in foreign lands will not help but rather the World Health Organization should step in, and assist to contain this heath menace that can cause further untold suffering worldwide.




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