Fyona Wanjiku Kabita Returns To Kenya After Being Away In India For Treatment


If you believe that miracles only used to happen during the time of Jesus, today you have an answer to the effect that the same continue to happen to this very day.

Young Fyona who has been in India for treatment together with her dad Mr. Kabita, do not come from those rich families who have no problem in obtaining money for treatment, but God works in mysterious ways for he connects such people with individuals who have a heart for those suffering.

Family and friends of Mr. Kabita, and many new friends, who have never met them answered to their call for help in raising money required for treatment, and the same, was provided by people who are not even rich, but who were touched when their story of appeal was aired by Citizen TV.

Mr. Kabita through the social media, have met and befriended many people he has never even met in life and I happen to be one of them after reading the sad note one day circulating in whatapp groups.,, Together with Mr. Patrick Oyalo from Washington Seattle, we were able to mobilize people in USA Diaspora who joined the funds-drive and though the request came when a majority were going through a few problems here and there, they gave the little they had willingly.

This is a great moment for the family to reunite after being away for so long, and we can only wish them happiness as they move on to the next phase of full recovery. May people of goodwill continue blessing this family so that they will never lack anything.

We are also aware that Mr. Kabita lost almost everything and just like Ayub in the bible, who after going through temptations, recovered and gained ten times more than he initially possessed, let it be the case to this determined father, who never despaired but made sure her daughter received maximum attention. He lost his wife to sickness during the whole suffering period and yet, he never gave up but continued having faith that his daughter will one day be well and the same has happened.

Young Fyona during her period of suffering, had made passionate appeals to many Kenyans including President Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Governor Mike Sonko and we can only assume that they were too busy or never saw the appeal and now that it has been made public, may the same get their attention as she still requires a lot of money for the journey to full recovery is not yet over.

May his will be done.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi


Kenyan Parents In USA

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