God Does Not Assist Corrupt People: Diaspora National Assembly President, Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi, Tells Deputy President William Ruto.


By Jean Kamau

Speaking at the presentation of the Diaspora Times writing competition ceremony held live on facebook and Youtube, the Global President of the Diaspora Times, Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi said that corruption cases should not be connected with  politics and there should not be any interference whatsoever.

“The Deputy President should be in the forefront assisting the President to fight corruption cases instead of assisting those caught up with cases of graft” Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi commented and further added that “ if the prosecution has enough evidence, politicians especially the Deputy President, should keep off and let the law take its cause”

Gachagua was arrested on Friday and is currently held at Gigiri police station while  awaiting to be taken to court on Monday. The Deputy President has stated that those arresting could be having the protection of the deep state but themselves (while cunningly seeking peoples sympathy) they have God which in itself is a misconception because God does nor assist evil doers and corrupt people.

The Demonstrations that took place in Karatina were in two groups where one group was against the arrest- whereas the other group was of the opinion that Hon Gachagua should carry his own cross.

It will be impossible to fight corruption in Kenya because those that have cases or involved in graft, are crossing over from Jubilee to UDA which is the current sensational party William Ruto will use to vie for president.

All over social media however, there is a general outcry over the manner in which the Deputy President has come out so strongly to condemn the arrest of Gachagua  and yet he should be the one pressuring the DCI to prosecute all irrespective of which political divide they belong to.

Corruption is eating the very fabric of our society and all those that have interest of the people at heart other than their political ambition and affiliations, should join the President in fighting the same.

We foresee a blink unfortunate future for Kenya when we imagine that all those now supporting the Deputy President are the corrupt ones and one wonders how such a Government will protect its people.

We must condemn all those associating corrupt people through political groupings and the courts, should proceed without interference. They must conclude those cases fast without the usual court delays and bring all to book.

Let Hon Gachagua face the full arm of the law and if found guilty, let him face jail time and all the corruption proceeds, immediately seized and returned to treasury.

Time is now ripe to prosecute all so that when we go to the next General elections, only those upright individuals ready to serve Kenyans will be voted back.

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