A disintegrated people struggling to justify that they are not in slavery while they tirelessly work six days a week doing double or triple jobs and thereafter, trying to release their steam on Sunday either in church or in social gatherings.

Another lot that was doing badly in Kenya and now can talk of owning a car educating their children and owning a mortgage house they call home and thus realizing a dream they would never have accomplished while in Kenya.

Student struggling to pay for their tuition out of the meager wages they receive while working part time.

Those on scholarship not aware of the big favor done to them and relaxing to a life of women, alcohol and drugs only to later end up as drug addicts and their once sharp brain eroded and leading to depression.

 A vicious life struggle without an end with maybe only a few or none that can comfortably and passionately alter the words “free at last”.

The few that think that they have made it still tied up and always swung like a pendulum by financial institutions after elevating their fake credit power to presumably own properties just to hook them till eternity. Their children to later realize that their father’s property was not his after all when the banks later sell them.

A Kenyan lady struggling to cure her ailments with the help of Diaspora and the target never realized as Kenyans as usual continue generously giving tithes to churches for a cause they are not even sure of.

A Kenyan lady struggling to raise a bond and unable as Kenyans shun her and associate her with a past of being proud and not mixing with people and thus making her to face four walls of a prison cell not sure if she will ever see the sun again as a free lady.

Kenyan people immigrating to the west in pursuit of happiness to get status to work under slavery conditions and join others in the deceiving broker dominated society.

A Kenyan lady offering a car for lottery to ship equipments to the needy back home in Kenya which is a feat that may take a while to accomplish as many don’t understand the genius of the noble cause and don’t need the car in the first place.

A Kenyan man in detention camp trying to raise attorney fee so that he may be released on bond to at least be united with his family.

A Kenyan man committing suicide when the going becomes too rough and he is unable to continue and is too afraid to narrate his woes back home to people that looked up upon him.

A Kenyan lady in depression and suffering alone in her house unable to approach anyone for help for fear of getting embarrassed.

A Kenyan group with a vision of trying to unite Kenyans and the struggling lot watches them scornfully arguing that they cannot make it while others simply giving flimsy foolhardy reasons of the America they love more than KENYA.

A Kenyan group in North Carolina struggling to buy a property to build a center that can be a symbol of the Kenyan generation American existence and a unifying accomplishment.

Here we are not talking of two rivals Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin shaking hands in an effort to bring about peace, but people from same country scattered, and unable to speak with one voice to accomplish big visions.

Diaspora people with a gift of bringing others down and will not assist when they see a good cause being pursued by a determined group for they are too scared to be overtaken.

They will not participate in fundraising that are worthwhile and will sabotage any good cause.

When we say all these things we note that the same people shunned are on the forefront raising funds when one of us is no more. They will be the first to send to cashapp while that time sympathizing with victims they would never have helped while living.

They will not assist in paying medical bills as fast as they would when the victim dies.

They do it knowing very well that the person may never appreciate in death but Kenyans will only rise and unite in times of tragedy.

Can we get the answers from Eunice Munyua book on racism? OR the story on the “green card lottery” or another story not yet published?

Maybe not as it’s a case that may need divine intervention.

We are many but simply a scared lot that is besieged by bills mania and a wish of owning a house we may never call home for after the mortgage is fully paid, the same house will have other petty landlords demanding owners association monthly pay, property taxes, monthly maintenance, and a dilapidated home that needs maintenance from time to time to get rid of hungry ants.

Despite all the odds, all the scorn, failed optimism, all the negativity and life struggle, Kenyans are awesome people if only they can be guided and brought together as one large community.

Those still that choose to lead a life of “leave me alone” should also deserve their privacy for we do not know what they are going through in their life and all we can say is strive to be happy wherever you may be.

We all the same should ask ourselves.

What is the American dream?

Let us see how it all began but it’s a topic for another day titled “The green Card Lottery”.

May what you read don’t go beyond your conscience.




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