Guilty until proven Rich. By Paul Muite

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When a KRA clerk takes a Ksh. 2,000 bribe her case is concluded within 3 months and sentenced to jail for 5 years but when Waluke steals Ksh. 279 million from maize farmers his case is dragged for 12 years and he is allowed to fundraise for his freedom?
When a stalker murdered Ivy Wangechi in cold blood his lawyer can plead insanity and the case is allowed to stall even if the murderer claims he is of sound mind and not mad?
When EACC issues an arrest warrant for Evans Kidero his lawyer suddenly appears with court orders stopping his arrest (anticipatory bail) but these orders are not available for every Kenyan?
When KRA tries to reclaim Ksh. 749 million in unpaid taxes from Prof. Tom Ojienda a judge rules that KRA has no power to reclaim the money but for you there is no such relief?
When CCTV footage captured Babu Owino shooting DJ Evolve at point blank range and continuing to smoke his shisha Babu Owino is found not guilty but ordered to pay Ksh. 10 million to the court as a fine for hospital bills but if you stole a chicken in the village you are facing up to 6 years in jail?
Corruption does not happen in a vacuum. The guilty rich are connected to the greedy judges through a network of known lawyers. Cliff Ombeta has been identified as the bag man in several high profile cases including Governor Okoth Obado’s conspiracy to murder his pregnant side chick and the Akasha’s bribery case in Mombasa.
In the just concluded Waluke conviction LSK President Nelson Havi has been fingered as a recipient of the stolen NCPB millions. Following this connection Havi has threatened to use his office to remove the judge who found Waluke guilty.
Also implicated in the Waluke conviction is Ahmednassir Abdulahi who was first approached to force NCPB to pay Waluke by using Court of Appeal orders. Ahmednassir is also implicated in several corruption sagas including the assassination of Jacob Juma who was preparing to release a whistleblower dossier to the US embassy.
As the EACC noose tightens around Evans Kidero for the Mumias Sugar Company looting his former lawyer Prof. Tom Ojienda is also sensing trouble. Kidero and Ojienda fleeced Mumias Sugar Company and later Nairobi County for billions of shillings some of which were funneled to judges.
That’s how come the rich get away with murder. DJ Evolve is just the latest example of Kenya’s broken justice system. A system captured by the corrupt at all levels.
The Court of Appeal has become the Fix it Court for Ahmednassir. Most judges were compromised or intimidated through the JSC while he was a commissioner.
The current JSC and Chief Justice Maraga have become playthings to Havi. It was Havi that forced JSC to reopen courts during the Coronavirus pandemic against the advice of health experts and the magistrates and judges association. Soon after 11 judiciary staff in Mombasa tested positive and placed the greater public at risk.
We must repair the damage and establish trust in the justice system, otherwise we are all DJ Evolve waiting for our killers to walk free.


Picked from social media and the note purports to be written by Paul Muite a renowned Kenyan Lawyer

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  1. Indeed court of Appeal is the sanitizer for the corrupt and all immoral persons, they are cleansed by the stay orders that are automatically granted,child support cases take forever at the court of Appeal at the expense of the minor …. indeed sad. I agree there’s no justice in Kenya .


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