Jeff Koinange of Citizen TV temporarily moved the bench closer to Kenya’s foreign mission in DC with a special venom breathing revolutionary guest Miguna Miguna who had a damming tale to narrate about how Raila’s  swearing  in ceremony had to be staged at three different locations.

He disclosed that the first was done at Jimmy Wanjigis house where he alleged that Raila came in late and instead of getting down to serious business, played Mikey Mouse games as he slowly sipped expensive whiskey and later left staggering after developing cold feet.  The following day, a hurriedly arranged press conference was convened by Kibutha Kibwana who announced that the ceremony was cancelled.

The second swearing in ceremony would have been in Mombasa and the same flopped, after security agents blocked all the roads and Miguna could not make it to the venue,… he had with him all the instruments of power required to administer the oath not forgetting a special pen worth $2,500 courtesy of tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi.

The third was done at Raila’s Karen house in the Presence of Kajwang and Orengo but the so called NASA big wigs were absent without apologies.

Miguna had on that occasion called Mudavadi asking him as to why he could not attend and his answer did not surprise him when he disclosed to him that he was a conservative who believed in things done according to the system.

The final one was the historical swearing in ceremony at Uhuru Park and just like all the others, the NASA big wig cowards never attended.

Miguna made his stand known of liberating Kenya by fighting through words not guns in order to bring to an end impunity and put in place a constitution that does not favor the person in office like Raila erroneously did, but one that is for the future of all Kenyans.

He surprised Jeff when he disclosed to him that he actually voted for Uhuru in 2017 after they could not agree with Raila on some political issues.

He also disclosed that Raila made a constitution for himself due to his small vision of believing that it was only him who could bring equity to the country… all was done after he could not listen to his advice

He still believe that Raila won the election as he was close to the monitoring unit and if anybody has doubts  he will challenge them to open the servers. He still maintain that the election was a sham full of irregularities and could not pass any legitimacy test.

He insist that all current political leaders should exit and give room to selfless Kenyans  who will steer the country to greater heights of prosperity.

He said that Raila took Kenyans for a ride, to satisfy his selfish interests and did it disregarding all the other NASA key heads that had assisted him morally and financially.

He further accused the government of plotting to kill him for allegedly committing treason, and the same leading to his arrest.

Miguna said that he was denied basic human rights – detained in deplorable filthy cells – days before his deportation but NASA team did little or nothing to have him released.

He accused the government of illegally taking away and destroying his Kenyan passport despite several court orders, which made it impossible to return to Kenya after the first deportation.

He was allegedly sedated and deported for the second time after he refused entering into the country as a foreigner and his money was stolen during the scuffle.

Miguna Miguna is still waiting for his passport to continue on,,where he prematurely left the struggle to ensure that the country is fully liberated.

He will not use guns but words to drive the despots and tyrants back to their villages and when that is done, Kenyans will rejoice and go to the polls to elect upright conscious Kenyans who have the interest of the common mwananchi at heart.

Handshake was fake and a pre-arranged thing to derail further the second liberation but Kenyans have realized and are now tired of the political games. They will soon disown the marriage of convenience and go back to the drawing board to vote conscious men and women who will liberate Kenya.

As he concluded, he has not given up and he is still full of steam just like in his hey-days at the University of Nairobi when he would raise his fist and shout at Kamkunji grounds “Aluta Continua un-abeted”

This time around it will be different though as it will be altered by a
Kenyan-born Canadian citizen, author, columnist, attorney, and revolutionary intellectual. He is a Barrister and solicitor in Canada, and an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.





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