Heavenly Father Whose Love Is Beyond Our Imagination


Good morning brethren,
Our God is one who remains the same.
Even when things don’t go the way we want, he is still our Heavenly Father whose love is beyond our imagination.
You have already heard that my husband of 19 years of marriage and 20 years of friendship has transitioned to the final place.  This is not our final place, everyone has a different idea of what happens after one dies, however no one has come back to tell us except that Jesus said he has gone to prepare a place for us in Heaven.  Where we have mansions awaiting for us.
I’m not here to argue about the final destination but to say this, any destination that does  not  abides  with our Heavenly father is not a good eternity because that what it says in John 3:16.
I’m writing to remind you that regardless of what happens beyond your control, God allows it for His glory.
My faith and trust is deep and I know God allowed my husband James to rest because he had finished his purpose here on earth. Once we finish anything we stop just like when Jesus finished his work on earth, he went back to the father. 
Thank you all for supporting me and crying with me.  Yes. I’m crying more because James was James our love no one within the circle understood it. It was from above. I had prayed and asked for what Karauki wanted in a husband, and he gave me exactly that but with extra blessing a son I didn’t give birth to and our love shared two beautiful and intelligent girls. Giving us three beautiful family now his legacy to continue his dreams and shine lights to the world in Jesus precious Name.
God is faithful and merciful. Wagner’s are still walking and thriving by faith .
Brethren! Put your faith and trust in God who is able to hold  you up in His hand.
Stay encouraged and hopeful.
Your sister in Christ
Mrs. Domiscilla Wagner.

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