Hon Irungu Kan’gata Stabs President Uhuru & Jubilee Party In the back Just Like Judas Iscariot Did To Jesus.


Each day, Kenyans are waking up to surprises of politicians attacking BBI, but the statement by Honorable Kan’gata, who the other day was defending the same to the tooth, leaves a lot to be desired.

A survey of that magnitude he sent to the President, ought to have been carried out by a team of experts who should have sent out questionnaires to the Mt Kenya general public just like voting in an election.

His findings, is an indication that he is no longer on Jubilee side and has joined Tanga Tanga brigade to spread lies and falsehood about BBI.

The same finding if legit, should have been communicated direct to the President as he was not in the first place even given mandate to carry out the survey, and many are wondering who gave him the authority to do the work of NIS.

Hon Kan’gata had a big wedding attended by President Uhuru and his best man was Mr Mwaura who recently attacked Kenyatta family at Msabweni and if we look at it from that angle, we can clearly see that he has been recruited by the Tanga Tanga team to mess Jubilee from within.

The survey by Kangatta ( most likely in a bar) is such to cause disaffection and divide the Kikuyu’s even further and all must condemn his action and boldly tell him to pack and join the Tanga Tanga team.

It was all orchestrated and was planned during Christmas as there was no such survey. They came up with the devious plan to malign President Uhuru and discredit BBI through the media. The same done by a man who was elevated by Uhuru himself to become senator and recently promoted to deputy speaker (talk of a scorpion stinging the frog after the same has made it cross the river)

The purpose of the letter, was to discredit the ongoing BBI process which is still at signature verification stage and those behind it, haven’t even started campaigning for the same, …how then can he purport to have carried out a personal poll, and then write an official letter to President Uhuru?

He even in the same letter, had the audacity to talk about the Nairobi race which has not been determined yet!

This man is a total malicious hypocrite who has just stabbed President Uhuru & Jubilee Party in the back just like Judas Iscariot did.

Even if he was right, the letter to President Uhuru, through the Media is purely MALICIOUS and UNCALLED for.

The war on the first family is now on and the same is being carried out through BBI and has been going on in Central province for sometime now when President Uhuru was busy on the five pillars development agenda.

The Government though facing difficulties due to economic hardship worldwide has not failed but those elected to serve have abandoned their duties and concentrated on a smear campaign to discredit it.

The Tanga Tanga the most pronounced have targeted Kikuyus only to malign the Jubilee administration through radicalization and the funding is done by no other than William Ruto in disguise of a fake hustler movement with no agenda but short term gains to the poor.

The Kikuyu community leaders who are now attacking the Kenyatta family and joining their Rift Valley counterparts to even attack the first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, are traitors and should be condemned.

That was direct incitement and the Government should now act and weed out all in the party by way of expelling them as they are not serving Kenyans but inciting them to discredit the party that elevated them to power.

Many Kenyans however are still optimistic that BBI will succeed and come 2022, Kenyans will go to the polls and elect development conscious leaders and all those out to divide the people along tribal lines, will be rejected by the electorate.

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Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly

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