Ignore Tweets And Ranting Of Derailed Minds In Diaspora: Diaspora National Assembly Global President Arch. Dr. Isaac G. Kinungi Tells President Uhuru Kenyatta.



In every market, there are mad men, but the market activities still go on as if they don’t exist and as such, Kenyans should not pay attention to Diaspora idle people that wake up every morning, to write worthless despicable insulting notes to the President and other prominent Kenyans.

The President full names are Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and we have not witnessed a baptism ceremony giving him some other imaginary names good or bad.

The President is not a person to abuse or joke around with as he is the symbol of UNITY in any cultured and civilized society. He is a respected person and whoever relaxed or removed the once feared treasonable clause in the constitution that gave room for sick minds to start abusing the President in the sake of “freedom of expression”, is an enemy of the people.

Some freedom of expression sparsely mentioned in the constitution, should clearly have a demarcation specifically outlining where freedom of expression or creative criticism ends, and sedition begins.

All those sending daily tweets full of ineffable abuses and youtube videos, are failures to and into life, desperately trying to justify themselves in the chimera of hope and failed ambitions. They should know that Karma is real and the bad wishes to others can easily revert to them. They are confused people who already missed the bus and all they can do now, is to curse the driver as they choke and suffocate in the dust and fumes of doom and despair. They will praise their existence through offsprings education since they cannot justify their own existence.

They are already broke in cold lands and desperately wishing to see their one time fat accounts read positive once again which is like a baby, trying to solve a planetary matrix equation. My only question is: Is money and desire to lead so precious that it can turn a learned man into a desperate human being capable of altering words we would hear from our grandmothers? As for myself, let me remain poor and retain my inborn dignity, as I continue advocating for the rights of all in the Diaspora.

On behalf of the entire peaceful Diaspora, comprised of men and women of reflective minds, I hereby sincerely apologize to our President and his humble family for the many rants and abuses directed at him. Those tweets in the website including videos shot using I-phone 5 (which is already phased out in the market) are distasteful to any person with a reflective mind.

There are those that will attack the writer and the same, will not be a surprise as the mix in Diaspora with some full of hidden hate is another story not worth narrating.

We at DNA are the voice of the voiceless and the many outrageous rants are from a few derailed minds and far from a reflection of who we are as Diaspora committed and focused to getting a Diaspora Ministry among other needs. We work closely with the Government of the day knowing very well that our concerns will be addressed in the near future. The ideas and the vows we still have further made through Diaspora National Assembly 254(DNA) to our Government, if I may come closer to reality, is like altering the word “Amen” for we are certain it will happen.

We hereby assure H.E. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta that DNA totally support the Government in office due to the initiatives that are being taken to wipe out corruption, and will continue doing so as the voice of Diaspora. We shall however through periodic DNA press releases, voice our concerns without mincing words, when we feel that things are not going in the right directions and we shall, where necessary, offer our advice.

DNA have through the guidance of the almighty God, become a bridge for Diaspora to voice their concerns, and we can confidently officially assume such liaison office on behalf of Government to work hand in hand with the administration and Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Our DNA Global Ambassador Hon James Kairu fully supports DNA to achieve its goals on behalf of all Diaspora Kenyans and all Kenyans at large.

We are absolutely not part of the group abusing the President as our clarion call is beyond petty ambitions and gutter publication shameful fame, and we shall not get tired to tell them to shape up and shut up.

(Some may hate me but you will not change my inner conscience moral philosophy of being respectful to those that are chosen to lead us. We may disagree, but we cannot abuse them, but rather to engage them in a more dignified manner)

May God Bless all Kenyans of goodwill and continue to guide our President especially at this time of COVID-19, to lead the peaceful people of Kenya into greater heights of prosperity.

Ecclesiastes 10:20 Do not curse the king, even in your thought; Do not curse the rich, even in your bedroom; For a bird of the air may carry your voice, And a bird in flight may tell the matter.

We fail because we do not try.

Arch Dr. Isaac. G. Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254 (DNA)

President Kenyan Parents in USA(KPIUSA)

Founder of Central Organization For Diaspora Unity.(CODU)

Founder Member of Proposed Grand National Accord (GNA) initiated by DNA  and The Table headed by DNA Ambassador and CS foreign affairs at DNA Hon James Kairu.

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