Illustrious D.N.A. Ambassadors Advancing Unity Of Purpose Worldwide.


DNA Ambassador to UK- DNA President UK Assembly

Hon. Dr. Esther Kanyiri

Dr Esther Kanyiri is passionate in ensuring that our children maximize their potential in education within the diaspora. She is also passionate about the development of health policies and follow up in Kenya.

Esther is a dual qualified pharmacist and dental surgeon having gained her education at the prestigious University of Nairobi and Peninsula Dental School in UK.

 She is a Union representative of the Dental body in UK. She is also an official of the Catholic Women Association ( CWA) UK Chapter.

She has extensive experience in management having worked for many years as a pharmacist manager in UK, and later as a locum pharmacist and surgeon.

She is a mother to two children, and a sister and friend to many.

DNA Ambassador To Germany

Hon Canida Okongo Onchoke

Hon Canida Okongo Onchoke is an illustrious man who keeps Kenyans in the Diaspora, informed with all that is happening worldwide, through his radio Network called radio Germany.

He is dedicated and committed to the vision of DNA that is striving all it can to ensure that Diasporans can come together and speak with one Voice .Through his radio network, he engages all to share views,  ideas , suggestions and has been concentrating on Germany , USA, Australia,  Dubai and a few more other Countries.

After the formation of DNA, he made efforts to contact its President Dr. D.K. Gitau to expound to Kenyans the unique vision that is aimed at uniting Kenyans.

DNA is proud to have a committed Ambassador who is determined to bring changes that will assist many in the Diaspora.

DNA Ambassador  To Australia And Speaker of The DNA- Hon Elizabeth Njeru

Hon Elizabeth Njeru , is an Emergency department Registered Nurse who received her initial training in RN and RM in Kenya before continuing her professional and career journey in the Diaspora. 

Now settled in Australia for the last 9 years but a disaporan for 15 years is

currently pursuing a degree in International Aid and development.

She is a wife, and mother of 3 children and adoptive mother of 3 girls in Kenya whom she sponsors through the AFFECTO foundation in which she sit as a board member  and a brand ambassador in Australia.

She is passionate about good governance and Education and believe this is the most important aspect in the eradication of poverty in our communities in Kenya.

 She also supports the Strong Spine foundation in Kenya that supports people with disabilities in getting dignity and freedom by accessing diapers and other continence aids. Through this foundation, she has adopted a boy with cerebral palsy.

Reported By:

Jean Kamau

Diaspora National assembly correspondent

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