Impeaching Already Self Impeached Person Is Like Chasing Wind.


By Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi- For The Diaspora Times

The recent remarks by some leaders in Kenya, suggesting the impeachment of Deputy President, William Ruto, is like fumigating a house which was earlier infected by a snake but the same, already left through an underground hole.

Immediately after the handshake, that is the day William Ruto stopped working for the Government and all these years, he has been receiving free salary for no work done.

He impeached himself and using the wealth he had accumulated either legally, ( if a mother Teresa child) or illegally, started dreaming of a hustler nation.

A nation born out of frustration after he realized that President Uhuru Kenyatta had chosen another able trusted partner to help him complete the five pillars agenda. William behaved just like a jealous child in a family that adapts a child. He simply did not want to be part of the team and immediately changed the tune and the development song he would sing to the hustlers, immediately ceased.

He all of a sudden came up with a theory of a huge imaginary table somewhere that can accommodate the rich and the poor. William Ruto exactly knows the language the poor want to hear and that is “how to become rich” and simply as put, is giving handouts to one day fed zealots to attract crowds who are eager to learn the magic that will be fully revealed, if they elect him as President. what a ploy?

Many are falling for his lies without asking themselves how possible it is for a population with more than 30 million poor people, to sit at a table as he says. It is obvious that the poor are represented by leaders and those are the things contained in BBI and there is simply no other negotiation table.

William was part of that table as assigned by the President, but abandoned the vessel he would have used to champion the rights of the poor he is now bribing and inciting in meetings.

Johnny come lately who has been in politics for more than 30 years and in those years, he never saw it worth to help the poor who have suddenly become his darling. Now the savior comes the last minute with a hustler Nation after illegally amassing wealth meant to help the same poor. Are Kenyans blind to see that he is a big liar?

A charlatan telling a congregation in a church of the developments they are doing in Nairobi and yet, he is not part of the initiative. A charlatan that came out strongly defending the disappearance of Kimwarel and Aror dam money instead of waiting to see the outcome of the investigation by DCI. A man who witnessed the displacement of Kikuyu’s from their bought lands in 1997 after they were chased for voting DP party of Mwai Kibaki instead of K.A.N.U. A heartless man that never attended the funeral of mothers who died in Kiambaa Church with babies trapped on their backs. A man whose ICC case has left a trail of many witnesses disappearing without a trace. A man mentioned in each and every big scandal in the country and who has acquired many properties illegally. A big liar promising the poor that they will be included in an imaginary table. How many will fit in that table and is the same in heaven or on earth? Kenyans should wake up and rethink and know that this is a character who can easily take the country on a destruction path that can leave us 100 years behind.

We must reject such people and support a constitutional change through referendum that is guaranteeing the welfare of all including the youth. Increasing representation should not be by land size but by population. Kenyans who are right thinking are not fools and will reject such sweet talking liars and appoint those supporting the legacy of President Uhuru which aims at guaranteeing and assuring Kenyans to own a property anywhere in the country without fear of loosing the same. We all the same, will not reject him entirely but will allow him to develop that Kenya he wants while in opposition and the same has an office as outlined in BBI.

Politics of radicalization must stop and Kenyans should not be deceived through giving them archaic tools that cannot improve their ways of life, but rather, giving them hope of a conducive environment to enable them accumulate wealth through assisted programs.

That is the Kenya the poor want but not Wheelbarrows and anyone inciting them and introducing unworkable socialism ideals at this age, is taking the country back to many years. PLEASE STOP IT.

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