Is Raila Odinga Blamed For All The Wrongdoings Of Others?

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After the disputed 2017 repeat of Kenyan elections and the subsequent unrest that led to the illegal swearing in of the “peoples President”, Kenya’s economy was drastically affected due to the many chaos that were orchestrated by the opposition NASA.

Kikuyu’s and Asian’s businessmen who are mostly saturated in Nairobi CBD and stretching all the way to Kasarani, were the most affected and despite their cries to the Government, their business had come to almost a standstill.

The man at the center of chaos who was the right hand man of Raila was no other than Miguna Miguna, whose final solution to the chaos problem was resolved by simply deporting him to Canada where he had acquired Citizenship.

At that juncture, Uhuru and Ruto were un-separable soul-mates celebrating the outcome of Supreme Court verdict.

They would criss-cross the country narrating to idle uninterested wananchi mostly found at roadsides, of their many achievements in rural electrification program.

This was going on smoothly until one day Uhuru decided to sneak to meet Raila at the Office of the President, to sign a memorandum of understanding that was never made public,…. and then the handshake that thereafter caused all the animosity. A new hungry baby was in the family and other babies knew that their ration of food would be reduced and they had to try and frustrate the baby to loose appetite.

The man at the center of dividing Jubilee into two groups was no other than Ruto who may have felt sidelined after the entry of Raila who immediately became part of decision making and operating very close to Uhuru.

Uhuru may have agreed to the handshake to ensure a smooth running of the country in order to leave a legacy, but Ruto felt somehow sidelined and imagined that he was being locked out of 2022 elections.

Wealthy as he is, he eventually became the rogue Vice President working parallel with Uhuru to discredit the efforts of the handshake and somehow becoming the official leader of opposition.

Projects are not created by individuals like Raila or even the President as there as professionals that draft the country’s development plan and then roles are assigned to Permanent secretaries to design and implement. The PS are basically the accounting officers working under the Cabinet secretaries previously called Ministers.

The treasury releases funds for development to all sectors and if the same is not utilized by the end of the fiscal year, it goes back to treasury.

With that in mind Ruto would just have continued supporting the BBI initiative just like before and the tension and stalemate would not have occured.

That stalemate and hostility for Raila especially is not likely to end as the two as Shakespear put it, “have crossed the rubicon and Kenyan is not safe again”

After the handshake, it never took Uhuru a long time to notice that Ruto was not interested in the new marriage.  It went on until Uhuru had to make an out-bust during the Akorino prayer meeting and thus clearly telling it all that the two had fallen out on their political marriage including their  ideologies and agendas if they had any.

President Uhuru in the presence of Ruto’s  has many times directly castigated Tanga Tanga political opportunists, who have no development agenda and don’t appreciate all he is doing together with Raila.

He see their vision as simply individualistic, shallow and short term as compared to his that is broad minded and beyond year 2050.

The focus is not in the immediate future, but aimed at long term for the future of all Kenyans as Uhuru has been repeating many times in meetings.

Ruto has no time for development, but he is all geared to 2022 election to Capture the political kingdom by mobilizing on a short term program through manipulation, deceits and exploiting the masses.

A complete fall out between diversity of visions as Uhuru believes that unity of Kenyans is paramount and thus his vision of building bridges, will not be shaken easily and Ruto may have to go it alone.

Uhuru want equal representation in Government and those that will lead the country not necessarily to come from the three major tribes but from across the political divide.

It is evident that the two leaders have drawn their dagger and we can only guess that 2022 will be a free for all battle with Ruto being the charlatan popular and all loaded with cash to woo the electorate.

He now have three options, one, to either resign and start laying 2022 campaign strategy… two, remain a radical and fight it out as if he is in the opposition, and lastly… to tow the line and only wish “thy kingdom come as promised”.

As earlier put 2022 will be based on who can mobilize and get the two main tribes Kikuyus and Kalenjins voting as a block. Its that simple tyranny of numbers once again and Ruto has the upper-hand if the cohorts from central province remain steadfast behind him.

If he cannot get 70% of the Kikuyu votes, he will not make it as all the other small tribes can form a powerful alliance like it became evident in Kibra and a yet to be identified candidate or Raila himself could easily win.

Team Tanga Tanga may be after all Rutos downfall as they are targeting on only one tribe across the political divide which is shallow and suicidal as Kikuyus have no love lost for Kalenjins after the many horrific experiences they have encountered in the rift valley.

The existing Kikuyu Kalenjin political marriage of convenience can be downplayed at the last minute when new political slogans of “bedrooms” and “sitting rooms” come into effect.

Kenya does not belong to one particular tribe and therefore it’s time to bring all the other tribes on board to build the country as one Nation so that the Kikuyu -Kalenjin hostility and dynasty syndrome can be dealt with once and for all.






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