He has been baptized as the “Lord of poverty” by the very people that he has been sacrificing his life for to ensure that Kenyans can enjoy freedom of speech and can live and do business anywhere in Kenya.

Many Kenyans are now asking the question has Ruto failed to tell and convince his boss that he is dealing with a “Lord of poverty” and should drop him like a hot potato? Is Jubilee unity a figment of imagination and now the two leaders working with a lot of tension?

It is obvious Graham Hancock the original writer of the book “Lords of poverty” did not have in mind a man like Raila who painfully fought for a second liberation that saw him collide with authorities, then put in jail for many times and finally ending up in a detention camp for many years.

The people now accusing him were toddlers and even without shoes when this brave Kenyan was fighting for the second liberation and if it were not for him, they would be nowhere.

The people accusing him of not doing any tangible development are wrong as Raila is man that believes that development to people that have remained oppressed by the system for many years is meaningless and for that reason, he has been fighting to ensure that freedom of expression as enshrined in the constitution is enjoyed by all.

He has been fighting for equal rights, women wrights, he has been fighting for cohesiveness and he has been fighting to ensure that the country is free from corruption.

Many may not understand him as he sometimes talks in proverbs to drum his speech to convey deep meanings and the people now accusing him may never know.

You may develop the country and put roads and electricity but people need to be free to enjoy those facilities and it is for that reason that Baba has been on the wrong side of the law.

When he talk of Canaan, it does not necessarily mean crossing the actual river Jordan or the Mediterranean sea but the Canaan he talks about is where Kenyans are free to express themselves, where all Kenyans from any tribe have a representation in Government and can even vie for the highest seat.

Ruto is derailing and if he go the name calling way and intimidation, he may loose track as Kenyans are clever people not to be easily convinced that a man that gave Uhuru a hard time in the election and now working closely with the Government for the sake of unity is all of a sudden a bad man.

Politics of name calling and mudslinging lead to the opponent joining the frenzy and in Raila case, he can directly or through proxy tear Ruto down and belittle the saintly donations that has earned him the title “heaven investor

He could be the heaven investor but in Gods kingdom it does not work like that as God reward the ones that have been tithing little by little and if a saint come lately and want to tithe once by a lumpsum amount, it’s not in line with the promises of God as he will not bless such people.

Ruto could also arouse Rift Valley politics and many would term him as the real “Lord of poverty” as he was connected with the importation of illegal maize that made many farmers to suffer and not able to sell their produce. He is in that case the Lord of poverty for causing misery to his own people.

If all the scandals he is in are proved right he will finally emerge as the maker and the Lord of poverty and it is for this reason that he should instead concentrate on preaching his manifesto to tell the electorate if all the promises they went around the country preaching have been delivered.

He will have to tell the country what happened to the school free computer program.

He will have to tell the electorate why the dams were never built.

He will tell the electorate why the unemployment rate has doubled during Jubilee Government.

He will tell the electorate why the health system is crumbling down

He will have,,,,bra bra it’s endless.

Tanga Tanga may not help him to answer the questions and to convince Kenyans with empty words without proving what the Government achieved as promised

When it’s all said and done the people will still have to vote for someone and the question is,… will they be blinded this time by money? or will they take the money and go to the ballot voting the right candidate that will address the four tenets that form a stable society?.

Who is that candidate that will solve or be seeing to solve, poverty, ignorance, diseases and most of all corruption?

Who is that candidate?

If Ruto is that candidate, so be it, but as things stand now he is not, as he is not having any manifesto but a name calling and intimidation campaign while obsessed with Machiavelli way of reasoning “give me that kingdom and the rest will be easy”. It’s a sick and forgotten imagination that was told to simpletons and it may never work in a civilized today’s society.

Many expected Ruto to be a development conscious person but with all the scandals and a political survival of using the money accumulated corruptly to win the hearts of the electorate and more so the poor churches; this could be the wrong time as all Kenyans want someone to solve the monstrous corruption, unemployment and health problems.

Not through rhetoric’s but by actions and convincing the electorate that it’s possible to develop our country even without borrowing.

That is the President Kenyans will vote and as things stands now we do not have one in place.




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