Its “Churches” Not “Judges”, Kenyans Clarify to Chief Justice Regarding A Viral Video



The video of a man from Rift Valley complaining of distribution of money in churches mostly in Central province, has gone viral after  a majority thought he was complaining of allocation of many judges in Central Province.

It was however clarified that he was complaining direct to the Vice President who has been attending many Harambees in central province while totally ignoring his people.

“A prophet is respected everywhere except in his home town” is applicable here as Ruto is trying to gain entry to where he is not known and money being the tool to please people,  can hurt those who are not benefiting from the huge donations.

The video also temporarily threw the Judiciary into confusion and panic but a tweeter was immediately sent to Kanze Dena to brief the President to the effect that the man with a heavy Kalenjin accent meant “Churches” but not “Judges”.



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