Kenyans have forgotten too soon and are now slowly going backwards towards the dangerous irreversible path of anarchy,… doom and despair. They are now advocating chaos and coming up with evil, conspiracies that could be real or imagined. Leaders are now talking of death and death threats and prophets of doom killing even those alive by using gutter media fabrications.

The trend is in a way driving the Nation to the sheer drop of self extinction all in the pursuit of power, fame, greed while being inconsiderate of other people’s welfare. 
If prayers have been sought for, this is the time our country needs them as it needs urgent divine intervention.

We may blame our leaders of causing the much invasion of foreigners who are killing businesses of the Wanjiku’s and try and use crude methods to solve the menace, but there is a more civilized way we can follow and achieve it.

The incitement of public as witnessed in Nairobi is barbaric and should not be happening at this time and age.

Jaguar has lost his mind and gone erratic in behaviour. Yes he has definitely gone off board by inciting the poor who have been pushed to the wall and if given the slightest chance to react can do anything, killing included.

Leaders have lost it and have started the blame game to justify their failure.

If we go back in history, when Kenyatta was the President of Kenya, Chinese and Koreans came to Kenya in large numbers and without interfering with the common mwananchi businesses they started the gambling casinos in Njiru and Casino De paradise areas.

They did it in such a way that no one noticed and with time Nairobi had Chinese restaurants Koreans restaurants frequented by the same politician threatening them with eviction.

The problem we are now having is due to the fact that the SGR railway deal was to include Chinese businessmen to come and do business but it has turned out that they were not formal businessmen but ex-prisoners.

They are people to be watched and if allowed, it will exactly happen like was the case in America during the criminal Chinese gangs that would terrorize many in Cities near Chinese Towns.

The Government should not sell our sovereignty through shady deals for the sake of development but Kenyans should build their country brick by brick.

The contracts should be studied thoroughly before getting signed as they could be containing hidden lawyers jargon clauses that can mortgage our country forever.

Many are not happy with the way the Chinese have invaded the common man business and they should be deported lawfully.

We should not make a mistake of trying to resettle them far from the common man as they will aggressively start building Chinese cities and with time Kenya will be a no mans land.

To solve the Chinese question we don’t have to go the Jaguar or Kamanda style but make their business more difficult to run by way of increasing taxes and tariffs, and with time, they will disappear one by one.

In the meantime Kenyans are tired of Chinese loans and even the mention of a continuation of the SGR to Kisumu is already a heavy burden and many will even opt to walk to Kisumu other than mortgaging our country further.





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