JEREMY DAMARIS TOUR OF UK: The Well Attended Grandeur and Pomp Event Held at Coventry Was A Great Success.


Jeremy Damaris of Kenya Diaspora Media continues to amaze many. After his recent trip to Kenya that gave hope to a homeless woman to have a place to call home, and thereafter assisting a weeping mother in burying her child after six months of struggle with unpaid hospital-morgue bills, he never rested after landing in Birmingham Alabama, but proceeded to the UK as planned.

The UK tour is fans meet and greet event where all Kenyans were invited to have a chance to meet investors from Kenya and also to interact with people living in the UK.

The tour, however, turned out to be an awakening and a challenge to men as they were outnumbered by the considerable presence of successful women in the UK who assembled to welcome him at the fans meet and greet tour.

The well attended grandeur and pomp event held at Coventry, attracted investors like Jane of Amara, Willstone Homes, AMG, Hyssop, Optiven, and Eric of Maridady Motors, among many others.

Those who spoke at the occasion included, Jane of Amara, Andrew of AMG, Eric of Maridady motors among others and all assured those they serve in Diaspora- their total commitment in delivering their promises.

The event is a unique way and an avenue to get known in the Diaspora, especially if you are an investor wanting to target those in the Diaspora.

Jeremy Damaris’ work fits the definition of Philanthropy as he always goes out of his way to express compassion while caringly responding positively to deserving cases many don’t pay attention to and pass the buck to politicians.

Jeremy Damaris fulfills valid dreams by connecting the dots and networking with those with shared values and purpose to bring about change to humanity and society at large.

Yes, Jeremy has a special gift that can make us believe in ourselves, and together as one BIG family in Diaspora, we can do great things.

When we find one such person within our midst, it’s only fair to put our differences aside and support his noble causes that are aimed at helping the less fortunate, not only in Kenya, but also in the Diaspora. After identifying reliable investors, his causes have gone a step further to assist those in the Diaspora to own homes and other properties in Kenya.

We at the Diaspora Times encourage everyone to wholeheartedly embrace Jeremy’s future humanitarian and investment opportunities. Men should take this challenge seriously so that the future events can have a balance, for it’s not just greetings but an opportunity to advance ourselves.

Arch. Dr. Isaac Kinungi

The Diaspora Times


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