Jubilee Asili Is Not Different From “Mwakenya” DNA Global President Arch. Dr. Isaac Kinungi Tells Dissidents Jubilee Members.


Expelled jubilee members have acquired offices to run a parallel party code named Jubilee Asili, but the act is just like a clandestine coup within a party which should not be tolerated.

Members are voted by the electorate to represent them in Parliament and the Senate, and it beats logic why they should abandon their paid duties of implementing Development projects  to assemble aggressively in clandestine offices.

The rebels, should completely be expelled from the party that gave them the greenlight to vie for elective posts, and their said headquarters, closed down.

The Jubilee party has members with officials that run party affairs and therefore, those posing as original officials of the party, should be further disciplined by way of impeachment.

The registrar of parties, should gazette the office bearers of Jubilee for all to see and if the new officials are not on the list, the said office should be closed immediately and those doing it illegally, arrested and charged.

Kenya is not a lawless state and people should respect the institutions that are mandated to control registered political parties.

If the Government allow people to illegally operate party offices, then there will be over 600 parties after rebels who split from their original parties, decide to open their own.

Kenyans are now aware that William Ruto is the mastermind of the so called Jubilee Asili and its time now for him to come clean and form his own political party. If he insist that he is still in Jubilee, then he must denounce and distance himself from those undermining President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He has all being denying that he is not undermining the President, but allowing dissidents to form a parallel party with same name, is a clear indication that he no longer support Jubilee party, its leadership and even it’s manifesto.

We have two years remaining to the general election, and the ruling party is Jubilee under the leadership of President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. The same, should be given a chance to continue with their set five pillar agendas and the building bridges initiatives that made Kenya a peaceful civilized Nation. If it were not for the handshake, Kenya would have remained ungovernable till this day and therefore, they should respect those that initiated the process.

The online whatsapp groups that have members of the new political party, are doing it illegally by using the name Jubilee Asili because it’s not a registered party. Its simply like the mwakenya movement when KANU was in power.

Even though freedom of association and assembly is guaranteed by the constitution, people cannot one day wake up and form a group called “Government of Kenya” because they are not and as such, Jubilee Asili are not the ruling party that formed the Government.

It’s time to develop Kenya and the derailed slow punctured run beat shenanigans, should stop the nonsense as campaign period has not been gazetted. All elected officials, should work as mandated or resign and wait for 2022 General Elections.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

DNA is a registered welfare group in Georgia aiming at uniting all in Diaspora.


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