Raila Odingas  Chief strategist is not shutting his mouth soon and every twitter he writes, condemn the marriage that made two fugitives (as he call them) to occupy State House.

He states that the two fugitives captured state house to escape justice, plunder together for five years, subvert elections, and when convenient, one is a villain and the other one a saint. Kenyans should see reality and let them perish together just like in marriage, “till death do us apart”


A society tainted with suspicion, an impotent judiciary, an adherent confused I.E.B.C ready to compromise,  a partisan secret police protecting thugs and the men at the top due to fear of facing their deadly reprobate wrath, and a culture of assimilated corruption spreading like a ferocious bush fire.

Kenya is in style with that statement!

Dirty dealings done dauntlessly in broad daylight, and the same transmogrified into official corruption, worse than the time of the old Turkish Empire.

It is an ill conceived oracle that Mugo wa Kibiru had not envisaged to add to his many prophesies to the effect that “ I see a country on the path of destruction”

Really where are we and what time is Kenya?

Corruption, greed and self interest being the order of the day and the helpless poor just watching as millionaires are created overnight when one happens to lean on the good side of the praetorian system, is indeed a sad situation.

Insignificant characters with no job credentials are appointed to weighty offices they cannot efficiently run but to steal.

The act in itself is just like proving science wrong by trying to start a powerful generator with a low battery or like a malnourished person trying to help a farmer to jumpstart his caterpillar combiner harvester by pushing it.

Without a strong opposition we are sadly left in a situation where only a few are murmuring and complaining but nobody is hearing them and everyone is assuming that all is well though, it is evident that there is a strong wind of change.

Unstoppable changes that are just like a storm building momentum to overcome a barrier that think no one can break it.

That however is something easily done when the storm retreats and thereafter, come back with more force, and the resulting irreversible devastation quite enormous.

Humans are no different and after they are pushed to the wall, they too react like the said storm.

They will result to mass movement in form of strikes to make the leaders to wake up and  realize how sad the situation is.

A period where common decency is being faced out of some principled politicians and the same to appear later as looters and cheap political hoodlums, shamelessly chorusing

praises to the evil regime and in effect glorifying the devil himself.

Corruption in all sectors and the debasing excesses happened when there was a government ruling a country and many are wow wondering… where were the so called Government auditors or the DCI for that matter?

Why did the Government wait for so long and when things are now uncontrollable all of a sudden start the blame game to conceal it all?

Who are the villains and are they untouchable?

Big 5 Agenda shelved to concentrate on infighting and nothing worthwhile will be achieved.


Jean waithera

Columnist Kenyan Parents in USA

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