Jubilee Government Clutching At Straws. Says Kimengere David.


By Jean Kamau


Speaking from his safe haven in Iceland, the vocal “sauti ya mnyonge” son of soil Mr. Kimengere David has said that the Jubilee Government is in ICU (with no doctors in sight) and may be on it’s last stretch judging by the many recent irresponsible utterances by the Deputy President, William Ruto.

He further went on and said that Deputy President William Ruto, has crossed the red line after attacking the top security operatives organs in the country whom he should be defending being the second in command.

Mr. Kimengere said that the whole problem is brought by no other than a weak President Uhuru Kenyatta who have failed to tame two individuals who have no interest in serving the people of Kenya, but only as to how they can advance themselves to the top seat.

Willian Ruto and Raila Odinga are the main catalyst of all the problems now existing in Kenya and the person to blame, is Uhuru for agreeing to work with people with a past history of violence to the people of Kenya. People still clinging to their past antagonism voracity and the same may not go away with a handshake should be rejected by all Kenyans for they cannot reform.

He advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to go ahead and dissolve Parliament without delay as the Government has already failed and it cannot even deliver any of the agenda they promised Kenyans within the remaining two years with all the rivalry and squabbles.

He castigated the Deputy for terming the police force as hustlers before ordinary Kenyans as that in itself is interfering with the internal security which he is supposed to uphold but instead of doing so, he is discrediting the same.

“There are no hustlers in the police force or even the military as all are serving the Kenyan Government not as hustlers, but in their capacity as soldiers mandated to serve Kenyans”. He said and continued with a lot of emotions “The military is safeguarding our borders not as hustlers, but as brave soldiers who do their work diligently in accordance with terms of reference”.

“They risk their lives for all Kenyans and the same, should not be demeaned and likened to the wheelbarrow peddlers he assist in exchange of votes”.

The act of William Ruto terming junior police officers as hustlers, while at the same time discrediting their seniors in Nairobi, is in bad taste as he is indirectly inciting them to revolt against their seniors.

Mr. Kimengere said that the two leaders, William Ruto, and Raila Odinga, always capitalize on chaos  judging by their history and Uhuru should take precaution for the same people he is trying to shake hands with, could as well be like Judas who sacrificed Jesus. They are not God fearing as they term themselves and the evil spirit dwells in both and the same making many to suffer in Kenya. They are not saints as people are tending to believe but people who just want to be elevated to high offices for their own selfish interests.

His call to Kenyans is to reject all the three leaders and go for those who are not selfish and badly tainted. When pressed further to name those he believe could save Kenya, he mentioned people like Mukisha Kituyi, Nancy Barasa, Charity Ngilu and Hon Kingi for they are far much better compared to the two leaders and others who are now busy dividing Kenyans. He hinted that the leaders in the Diaspora should not be left out as there are many capable ones who can steer Kenya to great heights of prosperity and when that time comes, he will provide a list.

He concluded by saying that Kenyans will call him all sorts of names  but he is guided by his conscience, truth  and reasons and one day, they will come to realize that his words were from the divine and most high God.


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