DTB Eastleigh branch manager Sophia Mbogo was on Wednesday charged with aiding and abetting the Dusit terrorist attack.

Mbogo was charged for failing to report transactions involving Sh34,736,550 suspected to have funded the attack.

The bank manager is also facing an additional charge of knowingly failing to report suspicion regarding proceeds of crime in which the cash was received and withdrawn at the bank.


It can happen to anyone and before you know the good life you are experiencing can drastically change because of an event you are not even aware of.

I believe Sofia like all other Kenyans was watching the News of the attack but little did she know that her place of work and more so herself would be implicated.

Bankers meet smiling clients on a day to day bases and in a way develop a cordial working relationship especially when the clients are the type that bank and withdraw huge sums of money .

The relationship will with time result to trust and even asking the ID which she is being accused of not asking becomes something of no issue to frequent customers.

It is sad that she has suffered physically and emotionally for a crime she never directly aided as it is obvious that she had no prior knowledge.

We all condemn terrorist acts but in this case we hope that the learned judge will allow benefits of doubts and set her to freedom.

Even if she had taken precaution the same evil men would still have managed using other means.

D.K Gitau


Kenyan Parents in USA

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