Kalonzo Musyoka Is Suffering From Bi-Political Disorder And Not Wired To Any Political Cause.


By Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi- The Diaspora Times news.

I strongly advise Kalonzo Musyoka to immigrate to the United States, where he will acquire the position of President due to his initiative. Declaring to contest as President of Kenya, is wasting his time and money, for he will never be one throughout his entire life.

If there is a politician who will go down in history as the most confused, and undecided political figure in Kenya, it will be no other than the indecisive, rabble-rouser, wiper leader, Kalonzo Musyoka.

Selfish egocentric politicians are often short-minded and never look at the big picture. They do so when their possibilities to rise to the top are very slim and subject themselves to political oblivion.

Many are not aware, but some illnesses are associated with power. That is why leaders are unpredictable and, at times, heartless and not bothered about the suffering ordinary citizens. Kalonzo is suffering from indecisive bi-political maniacal windbag syndrome curable through self-realization. The more you try to persuade such people- the further they go out of reality. They should be left on their own to make sudden unpredictable afterthought moves only initiated by themselves.

This was a man who could have used this moment of Change in Kenya to shape his future so that he could have increased the chances of ever becoming a President after Raila. This time around apart from Raila, there is no other leader, including William Ruto himself, possessing the credentials needed to become a President. (William has questionable integrity issues)

Going alone through the advice of inconsequential people who are only interested in getting recognition is a wrong move that has drastically made his career end in a hurry.

The same nonentities seeking political recognitions and convincing him to go it alone could still be having other ulterior motives so that in the end they will be the Ukambani Kingpins

Kalonzo would have joined the forces that are revitalizing the second liberation. Just like we remember and honor the Kapenguria six who never even became Presidents, he would have at least put his name among the crusaders of the third liberation. He would have been remembered as once a vice president, and one who made the Azimio movement successful. If by accident, William Ruto wins, many will blame him for allowing those associated with the evil past of the Moi regime to continue oppressing Kenyans.

The best option for Kalonzo now is to drop his mission that is bound to fail and join the progressive forces under Azimio. If he did that, Kenyans would trust him, and his chances of becoming the next President of Kenya in the near future- will be very high. Failure to that, his pollical career will come to an end when the next President of Kenya takes over.

All the same, even without Kalonzo, Azimio’s star is still shining and even brighter after Raila decided to have Martha Karua as his Deputy. She will attract the many women in the country who will most likely shift from UDA -to support one of their own.

It’s no doubt that a strong storm is on, and Azimio one Kenya Alliance will certainly form the next Government as they represent the face of Kenya that is determined to wipe out the corruption menace and continue with the four pillars agenda, which in essence is a continuity of Uhuru Legacy.

We fail because we do not try.

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