KEEPING A GIRL IN SCHOOL sponsored by DK Gitau



Wamuyu Kuira, far right, together with girls from Hope Centre Children Home

Mother Teresa once said that “we cannot do great things in life but we can do little things with great love.” Keeping a girl in school is an organization which donates sanitary towels to needy girls around my community to enable them to stay in school and comfortable during their menses.

On 24th August 2019, I visited Hope Centre children’s home in Muthiga, where I was able to keep the girls in that institution in school for two months.

The reason as to why I took this initiative is to empower my fellow youths and tell them that if we come together, we can be able to help each other overcome our [challenges. This is not just about donating sanitary towels, but it is about telling our needy siblings that we are here for them and no matter the kind of challenges they are going through they do not have to do it alone.

I also bought 4 kilograms of barsoaps, one packet of tissue (containing 40 pieces) and five liters of undiluted pineapple juice since there were young children whom I did not want to feel left out. In addition I was also able to contribute five hundred shillings for their school fees.

In a very special way I want to express my gratitude to Mr. D.K. Gitau, the president of Kenyan parents in U.S.A. for funding this particular project. May God bless you.

On 6th September we will be visiting Kariobangi Children Home with donations from Kenyan parents in USA which will be announced later this week.

Anyone who is willing to help, our doors are open. The little you have can make a difference because I believe together we can achieve. For donations call +254746246896 email or get in touch with the President of Kenyan Parents in USA DK Gitau on 4049668550


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