Kenya Can Develop And Enjoy Peace If All Regions Are Treated Equally.


By George Biruri

Kenya is a beautiful country and has immense unexploited potential. However, Kenya’s biggest problem is inequality, inequity, discrimination, and marginalization.

This problem started at independence. The KADU party had foreseen the problem’s negative impact, which is why they advocated for regional governments to have some say in regions and protect regional resources. President Jomo Kenyatta used Parliament to undermine regional governments. The effect of the amendments was overconcentration of power on himself and at the center. The regime through African Socialism and its application in Kenya policy, entrenched discrimination based on rain and productivity. This created tension and conflict between the center and the regions in the periphery. This issue has always been a big factor in elections and other national discourses.

In 2008, the Serena team recognized this problem and proposed strategies to deal with it. They proposed the formation of the National Cohesion and integration Commission. The Constitution 2010 has several provisions that promote equality, equity, human rights, social justice, and no discrimination.

The challenge is and has been a violation by the government and state organs to observe and implement the provisions. The NCIC has been ineffective in addressing ethnic discrimination in appointments. The Commission for Revenue Allocation has not been keen to ensure that all regions get allocated resources for development. The implementation of projects has been skewed to favour the regions of those in power. That is why you hear complaints of some communities being favoured.

The case that had been filed by the Law Society of Kenya, on the ground that the appointment of the Principal Secretaries favoured two communities, is a good illustration.

The Deputy President, in a meeting, said that Mt.Kenya is happy because they got many positions of Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries; and more still to come! He also said that the region would benefit more in terms of projects and development. He, therefore, called on the region’s leaders to unite and support Ruto.

Mt. Kenya and Rift Valley are celebrating, but other regions are also grieving. All the regions pay taxes. When some Regions see others getting more than them, they feel pain. Skewed appointments, allocation of resources, and project implementation funs tribalism, regionalism, marginalization,  disunity, and conflicts.

Kenya will unite, transform, progress, develop and enjoy peace when all Regions will be treated equally, equitably, fairly, and justly! Only then shall Kenya spring to a modern, developed, and progressive Country.

George is an enthusiastic pollical analyst in Kenya and shares his articles with The Diaspora Times


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