Kenya – Citizenship Discrimination and Mockery to the Right to Nationality?

Patriot Stephen N. KINUTHIA “Wamother

Kenya Gazette Notice No. 15239-15242 dated 6th November 2023 that reviewed charges of critical documents like birth certificates, identity cards, passports, death certificates and government staff badges is a cruel mockery of our Constitution:

  • The Constitution of Kenya 2010 – Chapter Three on Citizenship
  • The Constitution of Kenya 2010 – Chapter One on Sovereignty of the People and Supremacy of this Constitution
  • The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011 which implements Chapter 3 of the Constitution commenced on 30/08/2011; and to
  • The Kenyan Community in Diaspora.

Free birth certificates, IDs for citizens

Civil registration documents such as National Identity cards, Birth certificates, Death certificates SHOULD be issued free of charge like majority democratic countries.
As a Kenyan citizen, a political and diaspora leader, I humbly request His Excellency the President Dr. William Samoei Ruto (CGH) to consider waiver of fees for all civil registration documents that is Birth certificates, Death certificates and National Identity cards to ensure every Kenya citizens access these critical documents. The rights contained in the Constitution are meaningless if the government does not protect the most basic rights for its citizens / nationals.

This is a slap on the face for Kenyans. Worse still, it is a mocking insult to poor people “HUSTLERS & SUFFERERS” who even cannot afford three meals a day, the Kenyans in Diaspora whom the government is meant to serve and protect.

A Million Dollar question?

Why make Kenya a VISA FREE country for our African brothers and sisters, and some other foreign countries citizens while we deny Kenya citizens their Rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Kenya 2010?
Are we trying to amend the Constitution through the back door?
Are Kenyans in Diaspora only recognized for their remittances?
Kenyans in Diaspora have the Rights to marry with foreigners and have children too – Birth certificate, Identity card and in case of death, a Death certificate is the most basic rights!

Patriot Stephen N. KINUTHIA “Wamother
Concerned Citizen and Chairman Kenya Community in Diaspora


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