“Kenya Is A Butchery.. Get A Knife To Cut Your Piece Of Meat:” Moses Kuria Is Now In Style With His Proverbial Words If The Edible Oil Scandal Is Real.


“The passage from the ancestral line of slavery via feudalism and capitalism to socialism can only lie through revolution: it cannot lie through reforms or slogans”  Kwame Nkrumah

File Picture of Moses Kuria

When Moses Kuria one day appeared at the “Bonga na Jalas” talk show some time back, he said that Kenya belongs to all and then likened it to a butchery where everyone must have a knife to cut their share.

Today he may not have the time to appear at such low-rated shows, and it’s the media’s turn to follow him wherever he goes, this time not equipped with a small knife, but a big one ready to get his share.

He is now supposedly fully supporting the butchery owner as a trade Minister sent on big missions by the man he had at one time criticized and termed as a nobody not long ago… and in quote, “Ruto is a person who wore a shoe at the age of 14 (1980) and who joined a Criminal outfit enterprise funded through looting (YK92), that terrorized pro multiparty crusaders”,… those descriptions now forgotten, you cannot underestimate Moses today, being William Ruto’s most trusted Trade Minister and possibly his broker.

In short, Kuria fears nobody and can abuse any leader at public meetings and now on a mission for the big man -you don’t expect William Ruto to get harsh on him or be alarmed by any of his nasty statements. 

That is Moses Kuria, a person lacking moral values and known for talking loosely. The revealed scandals if real, can make many to wonder if he is pulling them on his own- or just a front for the big man.

The confidence he has to the extent of abusing massive media personalities at the Nation… who carries out proper investigation before publishing their articles, is evident that he is threatening the mainstream media while enjoying state protection and not expecting any consequences from any corner.

It’s, however, not good for the country to have such a careless uncouth loose mouthed talker entrusted with negotiating massive bilateral trade agreements with foreign Nations, and the same reckless outbursts- should be left to the Sudi’s and the Ichungwa’s of Kenya.

If President Ruto is serious about steering the country to great heights of prosperity, he must act tough on all leaders, talking recklessly in public meetings and getting away with verbal threats that later turn out real. A case in point was when Kimani Ichungwa publicly threatened to invade the farm of Kenyatta, and to the amazement of all, it happened exactly.

William Ruto Government has many of Moses Kuria’s types. Kenyans will not take his administration seriously if no action is taken when Kenya starts losing billions in other major corruption and tax evasion scandals.

It’s time for the President to act or lose the confidence of many Kenyans and the international lenders who are closely monitoring the economic situation in Kenya.

Arch. Dr. Isaac Kinungi

For The Diaspora Times

President Kenyan Parents In USA

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